August 11, 2010

Hey guys! Hubby and I are celebrating our thir wedding anniversary today. We did a professional photoshoot for the occasion and I thought to share them with you here. My husband is the best thing that happened in my life and the only man who trully "gets" me. I feel blessed being with him every single day.

Hope you enjoy these photos. I will make another post on my makeup today perhaps tomorrow as we're heading out for dinner right now.




14 Responses to "Our Third Wedding Anniversary Photos"

  1. Jenn Says:

    aww <3

  2. Arezu Says:

    Lovely photos, congrats on your anniversary!

    I didn't get the chance to comment on your last post but I hope you're doing better and all is well (:

  3. Rai Says:

    Aw, so cute!

  4. swatchcat Says:

    You two make a gorgeous couple! Happy Anniversary!

  5. Laura @ Sawan-Heaven Says:


  6. Michelle ( Says:

    Congratulations! You look so good together and clearly very happy :-)

  7. Zerin Says:

    Aww...I love all the photos! Happy Anni!

  8. Clara L. Says:

    These warmed my heart! I'm so happy for you two <3

  9. Katrina Stanford Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    What awesome pics :)

  10. Arianne Says:

    What a good looking couple you are! :) And so in love!

  11. VexintheCity Says:

    Aww congrats. A profesional shoot's a lovely idea.

  12. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Thank you so much girls :) I def recommend doing a professional photoshoot for anniversray. We had so much fun and will treasure these pics :)

    Arezu - thank you so much, I'm feeling much better. Still gotta do blood test though :/

  13. Sue Says:

    pretty pics!aww

  14. Shadowy Lady Says:

    thank u Sue :)

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