I wore a cream coloured dress to one of my friends birthday last night and did this look to go long with it. I also did some softer red lips, as in I did not use So Scarlet! lol. I'm annoyed that in these pics the e/s are so blended that it looks like there are only two e/s! arghhhhhh!!

Cover FX primer
Studio Sculpt concealer NC30
Studio Sculpt Foundation NW25
MSFN Medium Plus
Lancome bronzer
Nars Deep Throat blush
BB apricot Shimmer brick

Cashflow p/p - base
Expensive Pink e/s - inner 1/3 lid
Goldmine e/s - mid 1/3 lid
Bronze e/s - outer 1/3 lid
Embark e/s - crease
Star Violet e/s - above crease
Solar White e/s - highlight
Freshwater and Gorgeous Gold e/s - lower lashline
Stila Black Smudgepot - to line

Cult of Cherry l/g







5 Responses to "Wearing red lips after a long time"

  1. Superficialgirl Says:

    Your hair looks great! :)

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    thank you :)

  3. Shayla Says:

    Wow, I love your hair in these pics! (the makeup, too) I wish I could get my hair to get that much body and oomph. Maybe I'll dig out my Jose Eber curling iron when I have time and see if I can do something with that...

  4. Shadowy Lady Says:

    I used rollers Shayla. My hair is naturally a little wavy but it's sorta fine so I put some moose in it, rolled it and once dry added some spray:)

  5. Shayla Says:

    *ponders* Hmm...might have to get meself some rollers sometime! (I have disgustingly straight, limp and very fine hair)

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