May 10, 2011

Hey lovelies! I spent one lone free afternoon in Quebec City exploring the malls on Laurier street. I had seen them before but that was over 4 years ago and there were quite a few new stores added. I didn't end up buying much but did get some cosmetics, duh!


So I found out that the Sephora in QC actually carries Shiseido! I've never seen it being carried in any Sephoras here in Ontario so I was excited. I picked up one of their Hydro powder shadows in H4 - Spring Plum. This is a gorgeous creamy plum shade with some golden green duochromes. Very lovely and very unique. I also adore the packaging for these eyeshadows; they're the cutest cream shadows I've ever seen:


I also got another MUFE Aqua Cream Pot in shade #20 which is a vibrant dark blue. I was already a big fan of these pots and I knew eventually I'd get more, I do a lot of smokey blue eyes so this will come in handy. Check it out:


Then I swing by the Shoppers and used some points to get one of the new Rouge Automatiques by Guerlain. I chose shade Rose Bengal which is a lovely rose shade with slight gold shhimmer. This is the ideal summer shade to me and I don't seem to have a dupe for it. I can tell you that this sucker stays put! I applied it this morning and it's still on quite unchanged and I had pasta with cream sauce for lunch! Totally in love with this lipstick which was my first experience with Gurlain, will go back for more:


Do you guys own any of the products mentioned? How do you like them? Also feel free to share your latest haul in comments.

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