July 11, 2013

Hi guys! Sorry I've been MIA for a couple of weeks now. I'm still suffering from post-viral effects of the longest running cold I've had all my life. I've seriously been sick since middle of May!!! Now I have dry coughs that actually keep me up most of the night, NOT fun.

Anyhuw, time for another baby update, the 10 months one:

Baby stats: I have no idea how much she weighs, I would say around 22lbs. We did switch to size 4 Pampers a month ago and she's in 12-18 months or 18months plus clothing.

sofia1 photo 31783210-674a-4daf-8872-57d8993ec2c5_zps82b54c5b.jpg

Health: Sofia also suffered with on and off cold this past month. Poor thing even has the post viral cough but not quite as bad as mine.

Sofia2 photo d467f5c5-e522-40f1-bee3-7e625eb26a01_zpsaf7ec094.jpg

Eat/Weaning: Sofia has an amazing appetite. Her most preferred food is still meat but she eats everything we eat. I'm also still weaning her off the boob and right now she's only breastfed in the morning and has three bottles of formula for the rest of the day (at noon, 4 pm and 6:30 pm).

Sofia6 photo 77c6dee2-9fe5-4bae-94ad-e596343fbd01_zps4184a200.jpg

Sleep: still good, she sleeps through from 7 pm to around 6:30 am. When the cold was at its worth, I did hear her cough through the night but not enough to wake her up (just woke me up, waaaa). She also has two daily naps.

Sofia3 photo 78f18c99-f0c9-4774-9651-27651ea7b296_zps08a2af97.jpg

Teeth: still only the bottom two. No sign of any others.

Sofia5 photo 04e26138-13e5-45b8-9fa0-af91e0951956_zpsa0835586.jpg

Milestones: Let me see...
- more words: mama, dada, hi (all in context), also baba, nana, duh, poo
- cruising between furniture
- imitating everything we do and trying to say what we say.
- plays music on her walker and starts to sway (dance) from side to side. Gets psyched if I tag along :D
- waving hello to everyone and their moms, she even waves to dogs, pigeons,...

Sofia4 photo a8e94ba7-fecc-40a7-affd-4e87b384a05e_zps660b3902.jpg

How I'm doing:

- I'm back to work in 2 weeks, eeeek! I'm excited but also sad. Made all daycare arrangements this past weekend and everything is ready to go. I will be doing two weeks of part-time before switching back to full-time work.
- Exercise is still on full force. I'm at my goal weight of 148lbs and have achieved a 6 pack (it's faint but it's there). I'm in the best shape of my life and happy that my efforts have paid off.
- I've been off sleep meds for nearly 2 months now. I still decently most of the time now but the cold/dry cough has put a bit of damper on that. I admit I'm tired about 50% of the time.

There you have it. Hope you guys enjoyed this post. I'm faaaar behind in my makeup/hair/nail posts but will try to squeeze a few in this coming week, Hope you all have a great weekend!