May 31, 2013

Time for another one of these yet again! My baby's already starting to resemble a toddler when it comes to her temper lol!  But she does still look like a baby <3 nbsp="" p="">
Stats: wears 12-18 months clothing exclusively.

Sofia photo 7c7dcfdd-08c1-4b4b-8017-21a7fe45077e_zps1093830b.jpg

Health: Poor baby has a cold again :( She's also been teething all last month and finally got her bottom two teeth.

 photo 2a53c2b0-67f6-4e7d-9057-9c4a1c34c783_zps4f11da9b.jpg

Eat: Sofia is now breastfed 3 times a day and has a bottle of formula before bed. She has three meals with us and eats exactly what we eat. I've finished purreing about 3 weeks ago as she was resisting being fed. She's much happier feeding herself and it's a lot less work for me. I'm definitely a fan of baby led weaning :D

us photo c0181809-8a80-40be-89c6-548bab843847_zpse0cce94c.jpg

Sleep - sleeps through the night but is going to be a bit later now (7:30 pm instead of 6:30 pm). She wakes up around 7 am and has two naps (1 to 1.5 hour each).

 photo 8e36632d-ba52-4e0c-bcac-a8b80601be3b_zps7fad088b.jpg

Milestones: Oh boy, quite a few this month again:

- standing supported against her activity table or furniture
- two bottom teeth finally (though not sure this is a milestone)
- said mama in context first time on Mother's Day and "dada" in context a few days later. My husband is away on business this week so we talk on Facetime. As soon as Sofia sees her dad's face she yells "dada" and claps her hand with a big grin on her face
- waves hello and goodbye.
- shares her food with us with prompted. And when we thank her she claps for herself, lol!

Sofia2 photo c2382e51-5d3c-41b2-8d9e-13f2ff5ae6ea_zps6921df33.jpg

How I'm doing:

- ughhhh, sleep is still a challenge and I can't even blame my sleeping 12h straight a night baby. I'm much better than last month but not quite back to normal. Right now I'm no longer on sleep meds which is great and I'm allowing my body to re-adjust to deeper sleep.
- I lost another dress size down to size 6 now, yeyyyy! Still exercising consistently - zumba, weight training, ball exercise, core workout.
- Had a meeting with my boss about my imminent return to work (in 2 months). He will be changing my responsibilities and I think overall I will be pretty happy.
- Feeling still sad about leaving my baby at daycare though. I've been taking her to the gym with me and letting the daycare there watch her while I work out and she seems fine with them. I think it's mostly the moms who suffer. Any back to work tips are appreciated :)

bebe9 photo c8cbf1ac-3063-4f62-8eac-6eb2e90d560d_zps5250ab71.jpg

On another note, I have a few posts on the queue: 

- Makeup trend: orange lips done three different ways
- My favourite beauty products of all time
- Favourite summer lip combination

.....have a good weekend guys!

May 24, 2013

Hi guys! Based on the feedback I got here and on Instagram, I'm in the process of drafting a post on my weight loss/get fit post baby. That post should be up early next week. In the meanwhile, here's a look from last week I almost forgot to post.

I have this old Inglot shadow in the twist up pan that I haven't used in years!!! I think it's called double sparkle 428 and is a dark indigo with purple undertones. I decided to incorporate it into a smokey blue eyes and also add the gold side of my shattered Nars Star Sailor. I resisted the temptation to do nude peach lips and went for shiny coral lips.

Here's a pic:

1-18/5/13 photo d458dc9a-79cb-49e0-a429-ee47d58c9725_zps099e3640.jpg

And what I used:

stuff photo 0ac2280e-f017-47f9-98e8-4b4567b1e9a7_zpsea0308d8.jpg

For Face: Used Marcelle BB Cream (shade Light to Medium) as my primer and Nars Sheer Matte Foundation (shade Fiji) as my foundation. I then applied Nars Deep Throat blush on the apple of my cheeks.

For Eyes: Applied UDPP as base all over and Lise Watier Marin eyeliner as base for lids and lower lashline. I then applied Inglot Double Sparkle 428 e/s all over lid and lower lashline and blended into the crease. I used MAC Velvet Moss e/s (DC) as a transition from blue to green into my crease. I finished by applying the gold side of Nars Star Sailor duo above the crease and as highlight. I tightlined using Lise Watier Smokey Kohl liner  and finished with two coats of the Maybelline Colossal Volume mascara.

For lips: I applied Chanel Teheran Rouge Coco and topped it with a bit of Chanel Venus Glossimer (I think this is DC).

Pic with the eyes closed:
 photo fddf7abd-98b6-4994-b9f0-346192205fd6_zps5e3e144b.jpg

Hope you all have a great weekend!

May 27, 2013

Hi guys! I wanted to make this post a few months ago but thought as summer is fast approaching, this is the prefect time for it. Before I start, I should mention that I'm by no means a nutritionist or a fitness instructor. I will just be sharing what has worked for me and hoping to help some of you guys :)

This can apply to anyone regardless of having a baby or not. It's never too late to change your lifestyle and be more healthy and fit :)

me photo IMG_6556.jpg
My pre-pregnancy self (summer 2011)


- I'm not a skinny girl and don't want to be. I've always been happy with my curvy body shape but never motivated enough to make it fitter.
- I weighed 158lbs before I got pregnant and my height is 5'7" so I was in no way chubby but I could be better. I did not have a flat stomach since I was 18.
- Before my pregnancy, I worked out but only 1-2 times a week and not even always. I stuck to at home DVD's.
- I put on about 22lbs by the end of my pregnancy (below average for my BMI) but I was very much eager to get back into shape.
- My focus was not to lose too much weight (max 10 lbs) but get my muscle definition back.

me photo me.jpg
The day I went into labour (39 weeks pregnant)

Early months post baby:

- Sofia weighed 8lb 8oz so by the time she was born and counting my water, tissues,...I was almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight. It took exactly 5 weeks for me to be back to around 156lbs.
- Breast feeding definitely helps shed the pounds and if you can, I definitely recommend it :)
- I started light exercising at 6 weeks after my doctor checkup. It was very slow at the begining. I mainly just walked around the neighbourhood and did light abs work on the exercise ball.
- I enrolled in a mommy and baby boot camp at my local gym at 2 months post partum. It was a great experience for me and I noticed that my belly was flat after a short time. It also got me into the habit of exercising outside the house.
- I also did Salsa Baby classes in which moms dance to latin beats while wearing baby in a soft carrier. It reminded me how much I enjoyed dancing and started dancing so on a daily basis at home.

salsa baby photo e6992086-d6f5-4e9a-bfe6-0fd1eacdd8fa_zps5ef23fd5.jpg
With Baby Sofia at Salsa Baby class - 4 months post partum

5 months and more after baby:

- Started doing fitness classes 5-6 times a week at my gym. The classes include Low/Core, step bootcamp, 20|20|20, Low Fusion, Sculpt and Tone, strength mix, Body Ball.... I'm enjoying them so much that I wake up looking forward to going to the gym. Fitness classes have definitely been key to my love for exercise and fitness for the first time in my life.
- I'm doing Zumba once a week on top of the classes above. No cardio is as enjoyable as a dance cardio (at least for me).
- A few months ago, I did Tracy Anderson's Post Pregnancy DVD for a month. I 100% recommend it to tighten your abs muscles.
- I go for a brisk walk each afternoon with Sofia either in her stroller or worn in a soft baby carrier (we are loving the Ergo).
- I eat as healthy as I can. I do NOT count calorie and doing do would really stress me out. I'm also still breastfeeding. I rarely eat out and cook everything at home from fresh ingredients. I avoid soda's, chocolate, ice cream, bagels,....


- I currently weigh 150lbs which is still 3-4 lbs above my ideal weight. But the difference is very obvious in my body muscles and how my clothes fit.
- I have dropped to a size 6! I was wearing mostly size 10 before I got pregnant.
- I actually starting to see a 4-pack :D
- Eating well and exercising have now become part of my lifestyle and that is the best result. Getting here has been hard work but it is now actually work I enjoy so I would actually call it hobby :D

fit photo 3f9f0f83-0972-4057-94aa-11d8cf9e7513_zps5baf7e0a.jpg
yesterday pre-workout, now in a size 6 clothing :D

More tips:

- If you had a baby, just accept that it took 9 months for your body shape to change and to gain all the weight needed to nurture your growing baby. Your bouncing back to original self would not be instantantenous. My instructor who is a mom herself told me to allow at least 8 months of consistent workout to reach at my fitness goal.
- On the same note, do NOT jump into doing sit ups soon after having baby. Your abs muscles are still lose the early months post partum and sit-ups can result in muscle separation.
- Switch up your workout. It's good to have a favourite activity, but I find it can get boring. That's why I like group fitness classes as there's always something new.
- Don't make excuses like "I'm too tired" or "I don't have time". I used to make the exact same excuses before I was a mom and now I'm 10 times more tired and have a lot less time. But I made the choice to be fit and if you want to, you can always make time.
- If you make eating healthy and consistent exercising part of your life style, you will never be too lazy for them.
- Exercise in the am if possible. Postponing a workout will make it likely for you to skip it.

What is your exercise routine? If you've had babies, how did you get back in shape?

May 20, 2013

Happy Victoria Day to my fellow Canadians! And everyone else hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I thought I compile a post with outfits I've worn out and about the past few weeks. Most of these have already been posted on instagram. I recently dropped a size down (now wear a size 6) which is exciting but also means I need new clothes....though that's not necessarily a bad thing ;)

This is a bright coral shirt from the Gap I scored at their end of season sale in March. I'm slowly warming up to the idea of neons near my face. The skirt is from Bedo and the leopard print pumps are by Nine West:
 photo 76513247-5441-4c79-bacd-1a389cd85e35_zps03c02b65.jpg

This outfit was worn on the first actual warm day of the year here in Ottawa. I had just picked up the paisley print shorts from Joe Fresh. I never had got anything for myself from there but I often browse their baby section. It actually fist pretty well. White button down is by Calvin Klein and the flat leather sandals are Gap (worn to death, I should have picked more colours when these were released a few years ago):
 photo 5aae7136-b4a6-460e-9c9d-9bb92ca1c41f_zps23da46fd.jpg

I love wearing short shorts as soon as the temperature rises. This pair of cream and brown stripy ones are by J.Crew and I wore them with a simple black tank (I think by Le Chateau) and the same Gap sandals. Of course I also wore Sofia in her Grey Galaxy Ergo :D
 photo b96ee810-608e-4a81-86b8-80026100a650_zpsd3aa1e67.jpg

Grey animal print tank from Simons and black interlock skirt by American Apparel. I have this skirt in 4 different colours; it's super comfy:
 photo db021f6e-6f68-4a84-bee9-da19a2a12dce_zpsc0d7d14e.jpg

Outfit worn for a day of shopping in the mall; something chic but comfortable. Navy maxi skirt by BCBG and white tank by J.Crew, a delicate layered necklace by Aldo and Oh.My.God the same leather Gap sandals!!!
 photo aa3ed162-3bd1-4c6a-b33e-37b7ef487c60_zps65acfc23.jpg

Lunch with coworkers outfit which consisted of a mint maxi dress from Forever21 (love love love it...this is the only shade they had left in my size), Aldo bib necklace and moto leather jacket by Danier Leather:
 photo ae157d0a-ea28-475f-8c8c-fe3bb4faaefd_zps10179e5f.jpg

A more professional outfit worn to a meeting with my boss (I'm going back to work in 2 months). Red shift dress by Jacobs cinched at waist with a skinny leather black belt. Beige leather spring jacket by Danier Leather and the beige patent leather pumps are by Steve Madden. This is the type of outfit I wear on a daily basis when I'm at work:
 photo ad9d1897-a23b-4415-b74d-9d379b1714b2_zps7511ed67.jpg

This is me wearing one of my only two t-shirts! I'm not really a t girl and all that I do own were gifted to me. This one I like as it has tattoo design on it. T-shirt by Guess, mint shorts by J.Crew, bejewelled sandals also by Guess:
 photo 32a33607-e1a2-4718-9279-c88eda8b107c_zpsaff4a672.jpg

Last but not least, today's outfit worn to the annual Ottawa Tulip Festival. Navy shirt by Forever21, neon yellow relaxed pants by the Gap and wedge sandals by Steve Madden:
 photo 332c7db9-5073-46fd-a873-f1b5923ee440_zpsb278af65.jpg

Before I wrap up this post, what do you guys think of a getting fit after baby post? I worked hard at getting my body back and was thinking of sharing what has worked for me with you guys :)

May 13, 2013

This year I celebrated my first year as a mother. I don't know what  great deed I have done to deserve such beautiful girl as my daughter. She has changed my life for better forever and makes me smile every single minute.

We had a quiet mother's day at home and my hubby made it special by cooking a yummy brunch for me, my folks and youngest sister. I woke up in the morning to this:

 photo 29eda8a3-3240-4071-9bd1-ed19bc17a5c0_zps1ec4de68.jpg

The white roses were especially ordered by my mother in law who lives in the Caribbean. The card was "from" Sofia and had her hand print as her signature. My hubby's gift was a sterling silver pendant with mine, Sofia and his own birthstones (amethyst, topaz and green peridot). So thoughtful and beautiful at the same time.

mommies photo af1eb4ad-beab-4a3f-9da0-211dc0a823a0_zps8856c8e4.jpg
me and my beautiful mom

For brunch we had leak and bacon quiche, salt fish and bake (caribbean touch) plus fruit salad and fresh scones from our favourite bakery. I much preferred this to going somewhere for brunch:

food photo 33d26850-1e4c-4d16-9dbb-285d61f6d08b_zps0b525c25.jpg

Sofia had some of our scone, pureed mangos, cheerios and bits of the quiche:

Sofia photo 06cab3de-945f-482c-9ef1-e7415a1dafc5_zps0f4a6afc.jpg

After we ate and enjoyed my mom's home made cake for dessert, we took some photos by our blossoming crab apple tree. The tree really only stays this beautiful for about a week, but it's worth it existing on our front lawn!!

 photo a340b891-fbc0-4004-97e6-c322a7d762cd_zps91e687c5.jpg

Hope you all had a great Mother's Day. How did you celebrate this special day?

May 8, 2013

I really appreciate the Back2MAC program. Since I don't buy as much makeup these days, I actually finish some products and get to pick up a few items at my local MAC store. None of the two items I opted for are new, but they've both been on my wishlist for quite sometimes:

Patina Eyeshadow (frost)

Boy, this one is a difficult colour for me to describe! It's a neutral light brown but has some gold cast to it. It works great as part of a neutral everyday look but can also be mixed with brights. I find the texture to be a bit stiff (it's a frost finish after all) but it is workable.

 photo f3de0a3d-f40a-4190-898d-ffd9952e8b5a_zps8fa74d74.jpg

 photo c114a55d-f2da-4adf-9898-439a41ff8185_zps13ff9b5b.jpg

I don't seem to have a dupe for it either:

 photo bc1d14f3-95fc-43a8-872b-fc3911e18bb2_zps1774cbd0.jpg
Left to right: UD Smog, MAC Tan Pigment, MAC Patina

The swatch looks weak on my arm but it's actually much better on the eye. I tried it over gold (MAC Cashflow paint pot) and silver/taupe (MUFE #2 aqua cream pot) bases. I'm loving the dimensions the taupe base adds to Patina:

 photo e0d04a78-cd2b-4565-8cf6-b6939e013d79_zps5021533b.jpg

- goes with everything
- multi dimensional base
- I don't have a dupe for it

- texture is a bit stiff

Pink Plaid Lipstick (matte)

I've been on a quest to add to my neutral lipstick collection and Pink Plaid seems to fit the bill just right. I'm a fan of my lips but better shades with pink undertones (over peachy ones) as my lips are quite pink naturally. Pink Plaid is opaque in one coat and can be a bit drying due to its matte texture. It's not as bad as some of MAC's worst offenders.

 photo bb668d87-dcfe-4574-ae43-c5938038a0db_zpscd7c5ca8.jpg

It reminds me much of my other two beloved neutral lipsticks, Nars Sex Machine and Catfight. But it's not a full on dupe.

 photo c13a74c1-88e6-4d89-8053-ff12691b32d3_zps12176b97.jpg

Here are the comparison swatches. I don't know why I added MUFE #29, that one is certainly too brown:

 photo b211f84e-fcb3-4117-be47-b0b4f5eccbb6_zps27aaed38.jpg
Left to right: MUFE #29, Nars Catfight, Nars Sex Machine, MAC Pink Plaid

- great my lips but better shade
- pigmented
- I always love MAC's vanilla scent

- slightly dry

Overall, I'm pretty happy with both my picks. I incorporated them into a look yesterday. I added Nars Cordura duo to the mix for the eyes and layered Pink Plaid with Chanel Argonite glossimer to give it some shine. I'm also wearing MAC Ladyblush cremeblend blush to warm up the cheeks but continue on the minimalistic face:

 photo a3dec87c-9188-42bd-82cb-e24436cf4a59_zps284bc8c0.jpg

Hope you found this post helpful. Do you own any of these two products? What are some of your favourite neutral eye/lip products?

May 1, 2013

As a busty woman, I find some trends hard to pull off: plunging necklines, backless dressed, anything babydoll, side cleavage,....even simple things like well fitting a button down shirt is hard to find for someone who wears a 32F! One of the trends I really wanted to try is the peplum trend and I was determined to find one that would look good on me.

Last weekend while browsing the Bay, I came across this number by I.N.C International Concepts and my search finally came to an end :)

 photo 02f6e5ec-50d3-4b3f-8791-bbae2258bf44_zps1196c6d7.jpg

I love that the peplum bit isn't too structured so it doesn't add anymore to my hips. The top itself is very flattering on anyone despite their bust size. I also love the skinny bow belt; it's so feminine and cute! I picked it up and wore it the next day to a family lunch party. You can't really see in in pic but I'm wearing a black interlock skirt by American Apparel as well as one of their fishnet style tights:

 photo fcd581cc-437b-4acb-be8f-47432ea5e317_zps73d7e036.jpg

This is another outfit post from yesterday. I always forget to take outfit pictures!! The lace white top is by Banana Republic, skirt is American Apparel (damn I do own too many of their skirts) and the over the knee camel boots are by Aldo. I threw a light leather jacket by Danier over it as it's still a bit chilly here. Also, not that you can really see them, but I'm also wearing drop blue earring by Expression brand from the Bay. They have awesome trendy jewellery and the price is right too:

 photo 7a11d476-2f82-4a3e-a6c1-7494d1bb8d1a_zps73a5a2c0.jpg

So what do you think? Can I work the peplum? Is there a style of clothing you want to try but afraid won't look best on your body type?