9:46 AM

So I did this girlie look yesterday for work. I was wearing a pink argyle sweater and I did the look to match it. I tend to use a mix of MAC and NYX products on my eyes.

I know most folks are fairly familiar with MAC, but I do need to do some swatches and reviews of the NYX stuff I have.

I used:

Same Face stuff as always

MAC Fresco Rose p/p
NYX pearl Mania in Baby Pink
MAC Vanilla p/m
MAC Royal Flush p/m
Rimmel White e/l
CG mascara Volume Exact

MAC Love Thing mb
MAC Alpha Girl bp

MAC Chatterbox l/s
MAC Steppin Out dazzleglass

2 Responses to "Soft Pink Look"

  1. Beda Says:

    You know, pink looks so lovely on your skin and eyes. Love it.

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    thanks Beda :)

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