I bought the Mehron Paradise AQ palette in Trpoical after seeing our lovely Jude's tutorial on Youtube. I gotta say I've only used it once but I'm very very impressed. I will write a review once I use the colours more. I'm already thinking about going back and getting the pastel palette as well. So here's what i used for this look

same as usual
Pleasantry mb
Petticoat MSF

Dark red/pink colour from the Mehron palette
Accent Red p/m
Grape p/m
Graphology e/s
Vanilla p/m
Top Hat e/s

Palatial l/g

2 Responses to "using my Mehron palette"

  1. Shayla Says:

    And again with the purples/blues! I cannot get over how well these work on you.

    What other colors are in the Mehron palette?

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Thanks Shayla :) that's why I keep wearing the blues and purples. On the other hands yellow, oranges and copper and all these warm colours don't work too well on me :(

    The Mehron Tropical palette has: lime green, gray, cherry, mango orange, bright green, dark purple, pink and aqua blue. It's a great palette IMO. I will try to do a review this week :)

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