This is sort of a random post as the last couple of days I've been waking up way too early to do my makeup and take pictures. I will be doing more looks this weekend though. So I thought of listing some of my favourite MAC pigments. This was actually a lot harder than I thought as I have 12 full size and about 30 samples of 1/2 or 1/4 tablespoons pigments. I know this is not a lot compared to some other makeup stashes I've seen out there, non the less the decision was hard. I heart all of my pigments.

Anyway, enough rambling and let's get to the top 5:

1. Vanilla (Perm): I know, I'm boring! But hey, this is the most multi-purpose pigment there is. The texture is smooth and easy to apply. The colour is a beautiful ivory gold. I love using this pigment as brow or tear duct highlighter. I also wear it as a wash with any other colour I feel like that day in the crease. I have also used it as cheekbone highliter and mixed it with my moisturizer to get an all over glow for my low maintenance days. Overall, two very big thumbs up!! I find Solar White e/s from Cool Heat to be very similar to this, only Solar White is a little more gold.

2. Pink Pearl (Pro): I admit it, I'm partial to this colour coz it's a duochrome. It looks purple/fuchsia with some blue in there and I have a weekness for these colours. This pigment looks amazing with all blues, purples and pinks and it's specially great for a purple smokey eye look. I have tried this on my lips and it make a great lipstick especially if you're a cool toned gal like me. Stars 'n Rockets e/s is a great dupe for this colour if you don't want to invest in a full jar pigment.

3. Blue Brown (Perm): I think this pigment is highly underrated. It's a brownish red colour with blue flecks mixed in there and I find the texture very easy to work with. Again this is one of the pigments i use a lot because of the interesting duochrome effect. This looks great over a black base such as black gel liners or over a teal/blue colour such as Delft paint pot. These bases really bring out the blue in this pigment. I love lining my lower lashline with this as well as I find it really brings out the little gold/green flecks in my eyes that are normally muted. Blue Brown pigment also looks great lightly dabbed over a blue based red lipstick such as So Scarlet.

4. Tan (Perm): This pigment seems to be a simple colour but it is so beautiful! On my lids, this pigment is a neutral golish brown that has a little bit of pink in it (if that makes sense). But then I have a lot of pink in my skin so it could look different on someone else. I love this for everyday use. It goes very well with a variety of the colours in my "warm" palette and looks great on its own as a wash. It also make a great check highlighter. The texture is again very smooth and there's next to no fallout.

5. Rose (Perm): This is another great multi-purpose pigment. It's a high frost pigment and the colour to me is a coppery rose. It looks awesome with many different colours from cool to warm. especially love it with either Bronze e/s or Pink Pearl pigment. Rose is also beautiful on the lips, very summary and very pretty. The texture in this pigment is the only con, it's sort of chalky so definietly use this one with mixing medium. This colour is so beautiful that I put up with the high frost and bad texture, it's seriousely worth it!

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