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This is been bothering me so I thought I post it in my blog as it is makeup related.

Due to my field of study and my work, I have way more guy friends than girl friends and I don't usually think this is an issue, until last night. A couple of guys friends came to our place for dinner last night. The evening was going great and the three men (the two friends and my husband) spend a good deal of time talking about this remote control helicopter toy one the friends had brought with him. They were also taking turn trying to navigate the helicopter toy around the dining room. I wanted to try it as well but obviously my first attempt wasn't successful. I commented that I'll probably get it after a few trials. One of the friends goes: " but see, this is very easy.I got it on the first go!" I said: " well, maybe you have better coordination or something. I bet you it'd take me shorter time to do this than you learning on how to hold a makeup brush!" I said it as a joke obviously. He said:"well, I think wearing makeup is stupid, even for women. So I obviously wouldn't wanna learn how to hold a brush!"

I was really really pissed. Him saying wearing makeup is stupid implies that I'm stupid as I always wear it! I know men don't really get makeup but seriously, I always hang out with these guys and not once I said things like " peeing standing up is stupid" or "drinking too much beer is stupid" or "talking about cars is stupid"!!! I didn't say anything as this friend was leaving for a 6 weeks trip but now I wish I did :(

If anyone is reading this, what's your thoughts on the issue?

3 Responses to "Rant of the Day"

  1. Shayla Says:

    I think his comment was uncalled for. Whether you were joking or not, he should know that makeup is a hobby of yours, therefore something you enjoy to do. It doesn't matter if he agrees with what you choose do to or not - if he's a good friend he'd know not to put down something you enjoy doing.

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Thanks Shayla :) I told my husband about it too and he agrees with you. I try to just let it go but I really think ppl should be more considerate

  3. Pixie Says:

    Men! Sometimes I do wonder lol. I don't think most of the guy I work with notice the makeup. Instead they notice when I don't wear it ("you look tired", "are you sick?"). Judging someone else's hobby is stupid no matter what it is. Wine tasting, x-box, collecting stamps, fine arts, or makeup - it's all personal taste, and people need to respect that.

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