September 14, 2013

Hi guys! I know it's been two months since I last posted. At least I have some excuses:

1. I have gone back to work and it's exhausting keeping up with a full time job, taking care of baby, cooking, cleaning, maintaining regular workout,... you get my point.

2. I just wasn't feeling "it" for the last little while. Blogspehere looks very commercialized to me these days; very different from when I started back in 2008. I find that all the jazz and light has turned me off a bit on commenting a lot of blogs I used to read and blogging myself.

That being said, I missed blogging and through the years BeautySpot has become such a big part of my life that I thought I should at least attempt to make one post per week. I'm so grateful for those of you guys who still commented/messaged even when during my absence. Interacting with you guys really is my favourite part of blogging.

HAIR Anyway, this wasn't just an apologetic post. I posted some pictures of my new "fall" hair on Instagram a couple of weeks ago but thought I share them here too. I got them dyed over the Labour Day long weekend to a dark red shade with a purple base. My mom is my hair stylist as usual and once again she nailed it! I had SO missed my dark hair. I meant the highlight was an ok change but I will always be a dark haired girl at heart.

 photo 9be9c991-ab17-4562-8dba-4d2da79d9968_zpsb3db54be.jpg

Plus, this hair goes much better with my signature makeup style of dark/red lips.

 photo c67b19df-07ff-4980-94b1-f6a39ff82498_zps538dd118.jpg

Now I know everyone and their mother is showing their excitement about fall, but unlike many places here in Ottawa Canada the weather is actually fall-like. We are down to a high of 14C most days and I'm thrilled. I've never been a beach babe and am down with the return of crisp and cool air.

NAILS to celebrate the return of dark shades, I got myself a new nailpolish from Essie's fall collection. I do own quite a few polishes and even though I purge often, my collection is still spilling over :/ So I'm quite picky about what I buy. It has to be absolutely unique and I think Essie's Vested Interest is:

 photo IMG_6859_zpsa5c30932.jpg

It's a dust green shade and on me, I see blue undertones. If you have cool undertones you will likeley see the same on you. Either way this is a great fall shade and should look good on about every single skintone. The formula on this is ah-mazing! Seriously Essie has been so consistent for me the past few years formula-wise. I'me never disappointed. This was pretty much a one coater but I did a second thin coat because old habits die hard:

 photo IMG_6860_zps7fc15aed.jpg

Hope you guys enjoyed this random post. I gotta go get Sofia now who's been singing to herself in her crib. Will have some makeup post coming your way next week!

4 Responses to "I'm the Worst Blogger Ever :("

  1. Unknown Says:

    Hey lovey! I know the feeling about the blogosphere these days. Glad to see and hear that you are doing great. And the hair is fabulous! My fave on you so far.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    YAY, YOU'RE BACK!!! You are my fave blogger, I've missed you and your posts a lot. The hair is amazing and you look absolutely fantastic.

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Tina - thank you my love :) been enjoying the start of fall. Hope all is well with you <3

    Anon - awwww thank you. That means so much to me <3

  4. Amina Says:

    There is no need to apologize! You look amazing!1 post per week or whenever you feel like it is perfect!
    I understand what you mean. That's why I haven't blogged in almost a year and I am actually thinking of closing down my blog for good

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