I thought I make a post about my top 5 posters on youtube. I must say I have learned a lot of what I know from these girls that spend the time to make makeup videos that help us all in our skills. Here are the top 5 (again this is all IMO)

1. Juderivera

She has the most soothing voice, sometimes I get distracted just listening to her instead of watching what she does, lol! She has also introduced me to some of the products that have been life savers in my kit (Mehron Aqua Palette for example). She hasn't posted any videos for a while though, I am very sad :(

2. MissChievous

I was a big fan of this lady from Specktra before she started doing Youtube videos. In fact, I joined Specktra just to be able to see more of her looks. She's very talented and defienitly does a lot of her looks outside of the box, always pushing the envelop when it comes to being more creative. I also love how she works with both high end and lesser known products at the same time. Definitely check out her beauty through the ages series; very inspirational.

3. Makeup by TiffanyD

This girl has amazing reviews and the best soft makeup looks ever. Also, I have learned so much about layering of products and even some basic techniques from her. She's the first person I go to everytime there is a new collection out.

4. xxsgtigresss

This lady is the queen of cut crease, dramatic looks and falsies. Her looks have inspired me to try cut crease and falsies for the first time. Definitely check out her Twilight look. One of the best makeup looks I've ever seen.

5. MAC NC40

This lady also does amazing bright and bold looks. She makes it all look so easy. I have only started watching her videos for a couple of weeks or so but I'm already hooked! I'm also so jaloues of her skin...hehe. Everything looks good on her.

So that's it for my top 5. Keep up the good work ladies, you inspire so many of us.

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