This was actually a funny story. We went straight to Victoria when we got to BC and stayed there for 5 days. We returned to Vancouver via ferry on Wedsnday and took a bus from the ferry. We were planing on switching the bus once we got downtone to go to West Vancouver where our friends lived. Guess what? The ferry bus dropped us right in front of MAC Pro store! I told the hubby to watch the suitcases while I ran in and hauled. It was a funny scene actually. Poor hubby on the side walk with all the luggage while I shopped. It was his fault though, I was sleeping in the bus, he woke me up and pointed to the store.

Anyway, here's a picture of all that I got plus my Style Warrior haul.


From the Pro line I got:
- Cantaloup blush - gorgeous peachy matte blush, I wore this today and definitely think this is HG material
- Salsarose blush -bold matte coraly pink blush, I need to wear this with 187
- Sculpt Sculpting powder - another quick HG, finally an ideal matte colour to contour with
- Pure White Chromoline - self explantory, I plan to use this as a base for bright colours
- Platinum p/m - I'm running low on my sample, this is the most gorgeous metallic colour
- Bio Green e/s - another quick fave
- Lime e/s - lime colour eyeshadow, duh!
- Red Pepper l/s - this was very flattering on and I don't have any brown toned red lipsticks
- E/l mixing medium - will definitely get a lot of use

I also got two pigment samples in Green Brown and Gold (Metal).

From Style Warrior which I was underwhelmed with I got:
- Bright Future e/s - bright sunny yellow
- Gold Rebel l/g - peachy gold
- Liberated l/g - sheer yellow gold, I bought this for my little sister

3 Responses to "MAC Pro + Style Warrior haul"

  1. Shayla Says:

    Nice haul (and story!) I'm hitting up MAC with Vicky tomorrow...can't wait! (first time in like...a month)

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    have fun you guys! I'm on a low buy until fall, lol!

  3. Shayla Says:

    I low bought...don't worry. Will be posting about that sometime this week (maybe on the weekend).

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