I tend to use three different brands of pencil eyeliners: Urban Decay 24/7, Lise Watier eye pencil and Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner. I though I do some reviews and swatches as I love all three types of pencils and use them interchangeably.

1. Urban Decay 24/7
These retail for $16 and are by far my favourite. I have only 5 so far but I'm planing on getting more.

Pros: these go one very smoothly, I'd say the glide on your skin without tucking. They last on me all day long without any kind of primer. The colours are also amazing and offer a great pop of colour to your lower lashline (well, that's where I like to put them). Out of the ones I have, Covet is my favourite but they are all lovely.

Cons: well, they're a little bit pricey in CAD. Also, they're not as readily available for me. We only have one Sephora here in Ottawa and most of the time they out of stock on popular items.

Here are swatches of my UD 24/7 collection:
From left to right: Baked, 1999, Covet, Stash and Bourbon

2. Lise Watier eyeliners
I'm not sure of the availablity of these in the US, but in Canada you can find them at Shoppers Drug Mart as well as the Bay. They retail for $16 CAD and are best seller products of the Lise Watier brand. I tend to look for good Canadian brands to support our home products and so far I've been very happy with Lise Watier. They do have limited edition collections every once in a while so some of the eyeliners I have from them are LE.

Pros: they are long lasting and again on me they last all day without a primer. They are also very smooth and waterproof. The limited edition shades are often glittery and look gorgeous in light without irritating sesnsitive eyes. My eyes are pretty sensitive and these have been good to me.

Cons: These liners are a little bit too soft and hence you have to be careful sharpening them. I would say they are very similar to MAC's Pearl Glides that came out last year in terms of how soft they are.

Here are swatches of my Lise Watier eyeliner collection:
From left to right: Noir Intense, Marin, Silver, Black Teal (LE), Black Gold (LE)

3. Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliners:
Gosh eyeliners retail for $10.50 and are readily available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. The velvet touch liners are waterproof and come in a vast array of colour, and when I say a vast array I mean it! The colour variety is much more diverse than UD and Lise Watier combined.

Pros: ok, like I said above, there are tones of colours to choose from. The price is also great for the quality of product you get. These eyeliners make an amazing colour base to make your eyeshadows pop.

Cons: They tend to be harder than UD and LW liners so thet pull a little bit on your eye lid. They also need a primer to last all day. I'm also not sure if these are available in the US. However, you can order them online.

Here are swatces of my Gosh eyeliner collection:
From left to right: Cool Mint, Golden Cadillac, Velvet Moss, Funky Violet

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