11:52 AM

I did this look for an outing last night that I ended up not going to (long story, some kinda eye infection). I did like the look though. I usually have a hard time with brown /bronze colours on my lid and thsi was the first time I was happy with the end result.

Cover FX Primer
Lancome Bronzer
Alpha Gild bp

Stila Broze smudgpot - base for lid
Bronze e/s - lid and lower lashline
Cork e/s - above crease
Your Ladyship p/m - highlight
Stila Black smudgpot - sumdge into lashline
NYX Black e/s - to set the black liner and blended into Bronze
Lise Watier Noir Intense e/l - to line

Blankety l/s
Rags to Riches d/g

I look like I'm about to cry in the second picture. Stupid eye infection!



4 Responses to "Smokey Brown"

  1. Pixie Says:

    Sorry about the eye infection :( Those suck.

    I really like the look. It looks very smooth and well blended.

    I wear brown looks almost every day. They are by far the easiest for me, probably because I don't have brown eyes. When I try to do a look with blue (my eye color) it always looks awful.

  2. maya Says:

    I love this look on you actually. The brown eyeshadow goes really well with your eyes. I also love blankety. It seems to be a much more wearable nude than creme d'nude. I will have to add it to my wish list now. :)

    PS: I hope the eye infection will go away soon.

  3. Vee Says:

    I love this look!

    And sorry about the infection.... those can be so annoying!

  4. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Pixie - thanks, my eyes are a weird brown colour. There are some green/gray flecks in them that you can see in sunlight. Blue and green tend to make them stand out. Browns, not so much.

    Maya - thanks girl. I don't have Creme d'Nude but Blenkety is my HG nude. I just love the amplified creme lipsticks.

    Vee - thanks. The infection is stil here but it's much better

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