December 9, 2010

Yey, I remembered to do a blog poll! This one is a bit personal to me (and not at all about makeup, lol) so please help me out.

I have made a tentative appointment to have lasik eye surgery in the first week of January. I have been wearing glasses since I was 16 and contacts since I was 19. My eyes are about -3.5 each. My mom had lasik surgery done 11 years ago and is still happy with the result. My younger sister also recently had the procedure done and is very pleased. I've been thinking about it more since her procedure and finally went in for a consultation last week and booked my surgery date. I've since been having second thoughts again though. The truth is I'm terrified of surgeries and really worry I might back out last minute. I keep thinking about possibly going blind (i know, i know!). So I'm going back and fourth even though the date is booked.

Have you had lasik eye surgery? If so, was the procedure and the money spent worth it for you?

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  1. Laura @ Sawan-Heaven Says:

    I had laser corrective eye surgery last year, and I definitely recommend it.

    I had PRK which there is no flap, and is usually preferred by the military. My surgeon recommended it since I am very active and with Lasek or Lasik there could have been a chance of the flap moving.
    He did say that Lasek and Lasik have much faster gratifying results than PRK. I went with PRK after doing a lot more research since his recommendation of it.

    I will tell you that PRK was not an instant "OMG! I can see everything" as my eyes had to grow back that epithelium. The next night my left eye really bothered me badly, but it went away the next afternoon. My eyes would get better each day, and by the end of the next week my eyes were almost 20/20. Now my vision is 20/15. That is definitely better than vision that couldn't even be measure on the chart. I couldn't see the big E before. They stood almost 2 feet away and I could kind of guess at how many fingers they were holding up. Really, unless something was 6 inches away from me, I couldn't see it before.

    I highly recommend it as long as you find a great doctor.

    I hope this helps!

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