June 21, 2012

Hey lovelies! I have another pregnancy update for you. So much has happened since the last time I updated (about 3 weeks ago). Let's have a go at it first with a bump picture:


Weeks pregnant: 30 weeks (7 months and 2 weeks), due date is August 28th.

Weight/body: I have now put on 11lbs which I think it's not enough. In fact I'm freaking out about it! For my BMI I'm supposed to put on 25-35 lbs by the time I give birth :/ My bump is still growing and all the weight gain is just focused on that area it seems.

Baby movements: she is moving as much as always but as she's a bigger baby now, I feel her all the time. Sometimes she even wakes me up at night with her punches and kicks.

Symptoms: I have mild backaches sometimes in the evening and also pressure on my rib cage as I carry high. My aquafitness classes have helped reduce the backaches significantly.

Cravings: I've been eating more generally within the last 2 weeks. Still have a preference for Mediterranean food but also eating tones of watermelon, cantaloupes and cherries in between meals.

Mood: strangely enough, I'm very much looking forward to labour. I'm not terrified of it and am very curious to see how the whole thing will go down and how I will cope. I'm mentally prepared and looking at it as a healthy and natural path to meeting my baby girl finally!

Accomplished these past weeks:
- Nursery is complete and just has to be tidied up and we have to hang the curtains. Can't wait to show you guys the pics in the next update!
- Registered for the hospital L&D tour and also got my admission card.
- Booked cleaning services for complete house cleaning for Aug 13.
- Got more baby stuff like bassinet, swing, bouncer and glider/ottoman.
- Finalized my birth plan and gave a copy to my midwife.

Still have to do:
- Buy more essentials like breast pumps, crib mattress, sheets,...
- Pick up the stroller and car seat. Get the car seat installed and inspected.
- Pack the hospital bag, I want to have it done by week 35.
- Practice my breathing and massage techniques.
- Attend my prenatal classes (doing two condensed sessions in mid July)

Last but not least, my baby shower is this Sunday and I'm getting quite excited about it. My mom loves hosting parties and hence as the organizer she has invited the whole town, lol! I don't know any of the details but I know there will be a cake :D

Hope you guys enjoyed this update :)

3 Responses to "Motherhood Update - Week 30!!!"

  1. Amina Says:

    I've enjoyed this update. 2 more months and you are almost there. Don't worry about the weight gain. From friends'experiences, I see that each pregnancy is different. Have fun on your baby shower!

  2. shortylegsbeauty Says:

    You are so beautiful :)
    I have heard that a lot of people start to crave fruits when they get pregnant... me and a friend joked around and said that we will probably start eating olives or things we usually don´t eat a lot of when we are pregnant ;)

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Amina - I try not to...But I think I'll still talk to my midwife to make sure. I can't believe i have under two months left :D

    shortylegsbeauty - thank you :) I ate a tone of olives in my first trimester...and now I continue on with the fruit and veggie theme

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