August 12, 2010

Hey everyone! I had a little too much red wine last night and as I'm not used to drinking heavily in the middle of the week, I feel super tired. That and the affects of Monday's fainting haven't worn out yet. But we shall have our Thursday's Poll :)

I was organizing my nail polishes last night to make room for the new ChG ones I got (yet another post on that shall be upcoming sometimes soon). I organize mine based on season and usage of a particular family of colour. So I thought of this topic during my purge! What is your fave family of colour when it comes to nail polish? I would categorize it into warm brights (orange, yellow, coral), cool brights (blue, purple), vampy shades (burgundy, dark purple, blood red), dusty shades (grayed and dusty version of any colour), traditional (red and pink), nudes or "different" shades (green, anything not common).

I don't discriminate and wear all shades but I definitely have a preference for vampy shades. I love blood red, black, dark brown, navy or deep purple. That's probably I love fall, the sexy season, hehe.

What is your favourite family of colours when it comes to nail polish? Please use the poll embedded on the right side of the blog and the comment section.

2 Responses to "Thurday Poll - Fave Nail Polish Colours"

  1. Halifax Says:

    I'm liking the mushroom colour family, as lots of brands come out with colours like that. Mint green is prob another popular family. I organize my polish by brands, and then colour family within brands

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Halifax - agreed on mint green. I need to stop buying that shade. I gotta see ur nail polish stash :)

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