May 27, 2013

Hi guys! I wanted to make this post a few months ago but thought as summer is fast approaching, this is the prefect time for it. Before I start, I should mention that I'm by no means a nutritionist or a fitness instructor. I will just be sharing what has worked for me and hoping to help some of you guys :)

This can apply to anyone regardless of having a baby or not. It's never too late to change your lifestyle and be more healthy and fit :)

me photo IMG_6556.jpg
My pre-pregnancy self (summer 2011)


- I'm not a skinny girl and don't want to be. I've always been happy with my curvy body shape but never motivated enough to make it fitter.
- I weighed 158lbs before I got pregnant and my height is 5'7" so I was in no way chubby but I could be better. I did not have a flat stomach since I was 18.
- Before my pregnancy, I worked out but only 1-2 times a week and not even always. I stuck to at home DVD's.
- I put on about 22lbs by the end of my pregnancy (below average for my BMI) but I was very much eager to get back into shape.
- My focus was not to lose too much weight (max 10 lbs) but get my muscle definition back.

me photo me.jpg
The day I went into labour (39 weeks pregnant)

Early months post baby:

- Sofia weighed 8lb 8oz so by the time she was born and counting my water, tissues,...I was almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight. It took exactly 5 weeks for me to be back to around 156lbs.
- Breast feeding definitely helps shed the pounds and if you can, I definitely recommend it :)
- I started light exercising at 6 weeks after my doctor checkup. It was very slow at the begining. I mainly just walked around the neighbourhood and did light abs work on the exercise ball.
- I enrolled in a mommy and baby boot camp at my local gym at 2 months post partum. It was a great experience for me and I noticed that my belly was flat after a short time. It also got me into the habit of exercising outside the house.
- I also did Salsa Baby classes in which moms dance to latin beats while wearing baby in a soft carrier. It reminded me how much I enjoyed dancing and started dancing so on a daily basis at home.

salsa baby photo e6992086-d6f5-4e9a-bfe6-0fd1eacdd8fa_zps5ef23fd5.jpg
With Baby Sofia at Salsa Baby class - 4 months post partum

5 months and more after baby:

- Started doing fitness classes 5-6 times a week at my gym. The classes include Low/Core, step bootcamp, 20|20|20, Low Fusion, Sculpt and Tone, strength mix, Body Ball.... I'm enjoying them so much that I wake up looking forward to going to the gym. Fitness classes have definitely been key to my love for exercise and fitness for the first time in my life.
- I'm doing Zumba once a week on top of the classes above. No cardio is as enjoyable as a dance cardio (at least for me).
- A few months ago, I did Tracy Anderson's Post Pregnancy DVD for a month. I 100% recommend it to tighten your abs muscles.
- I go for a brisk walk each afternoon with Sofia either in her stroller or worn in a soft baby carrier (we are loving the Ergo).
- I eat as healthy as I can. I do NOT count calorie and doing do would really stress me out. I'm also still breastfeeding. I rarely eat out and cook everything at home from fresh ingredients. I avoid soda's, chocolate, ice cream, bagels,....


- I currently weigh 150lbs which is still 3-4 lbs above my ideal weight. But the difference is very obvious in my body muscles and how my clothes fit.
- I have dropped to a size 6! I was wearing mostly size 10 before I got pregnant.
- I actually starting to see a 4-pack :D
- Eating well and exercising have now become part of my lifestyle and that is the best result. Getting here has been hard work but it is now actually work I enjoy so I would actually call it hobby :D

fit photo 3f9f0f83-0972-4057-94aa-11d8cf9e7513_zps5baf7e0a.jpg
yesterday pre-workout, now in a size 6 clothing :D

More tips:

- If you had a baby, just accept that it took 9 months for your body shape to change and to gain all the weight needed to nurture your growing baby. Your bouncing back to original self would not be instantantenous. My instructor who is a mom herself told me to allow at least 8 months of consistent workout to reach at my fitness goal.
- On the same note, do NOT jump into doing sit ups soon after having baby. Your abs muscles are still lose the early months post partum and sit-ups can result in muscle separation.
- Switch up your workout. It's good to have a favourite activity, but I find it can get boring. That's why I like group fitness classes as there's always something new.
- Don't make excuses like "I'm too tired" or "I don't have time". I used to make the exact same excuses before I was a mom and now I'm 10 times more tired and have a lot less time. But I made the choice to be fit and if you want to, you can always make time.
- If you make eating healthy and consistent exercising part of your life style, you will never be too lazy for them.
- Exercise in the am if possible. Postponing a workout will make it likely for you to skip it.

What is your exercise routine? If you've had babies, how did you get back in shape?

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