10:01 AM

I'm so happy that it's finally Friday. This was a pretty rough week for me. First my mom got sick and had to go to the hospital, my work was super stressful, and then the whole thing yesterday with me getting a bone stuck in my throat and going to hospital to get it removed. But this week is almost over and I'm excited.

What's everyone doing this long weekend (for those of you who have a long weekend)? I'm visiting my mom after work, staying in on Saturday and being lazy, Sunday we're going to Montreal for a day and Monday's plan is unclear, lol! Here's my look for today, simple and warm. Don't mind my freezy hair, it's very humid here these days!

Same as usual
Love Joy mb
Other Wordly blush

Painterly p/p - base
Melon p/m - inner 1/3 lid and above crease
Coppering e/s - mid 1/3 lid
Emabark e/s - outer 1/3 lid
Blanc Type e/s - to highlight
OCC Heroic - lower lashine
UD Bourbon 24/7 - to line

Vegas Volt l/s
Nymphette l/g





10:55 AM

One Off is such a gorgeous colour. This eyeshadow, along with Ego and Rated R was part of my Love That Look haul. I'm incredibly pleased with this eyeshadows. I really wish MAC would make at least some of them perm.

Same as usual
Pleasantry mb
Petticoat MSF

Painterly p/p - base for crease and above
Green Stroke p/p - base for below crease
One Off e/s - lid
MUFE #49 - crease
Graphology e/s - outer v
Stars n Rockets e/s - inner crease
Solar White e/s - highlight
Top Hat e/s - lower lashline
UD Stash 24/7 - to line

All's Fair l/s
Strawberry Blonde l/g





I tried to accurately catch the glittery wonder of OPI's Up Front and Personal but my picture keep coming out either blurry or dark. It's because of the forever overcast skies of Ottawa I guess. I tried playing around with the settings with no luck.

Anyway, this is two coats of the OPI on me nails. It's a golden glittery sheer colour, but looks gorgeous under the sun. I'm wearing only two coats in the picture. This to me looks like the golden version of Princess Rules! It also reminds me a little bit of Hollywood Blonde. I have to swatch them side by side to be sure though.


11:31 AM

It's raining again today and hence pictures with the flash. It's actually extremely humid out there and I already have a headache. I just finished a site inspection, eating my lunch as I type this and going to another site in half an hour.

I decided to do a much simpler look today but I still liked the outcome. What do you guys think? Colourful and dramatic or simple and subtle on me?

Same as usual
Love Thing mb

Painterly p/p - base
Subtle p/m - lid
Smoke n Diamonds e/s - crease and blended up
Print e/s - outer v
Silverthorn e/s - inner crease
Blanc Type e/s - highlight
Lise Watier Silver e/l - lower lashline
Clinique Smokey Gray g/l - upper lashline

Creme Cup l/s
Snowscene l/g



12:20 PM

I was inspired by the Nars Rated R eyeshadow duo when I created this look (using MAC, lol!). Of course I got carried away and added many more colours, lol! I love the new Star Flash eyeshadows, they apply so well and blend like a dream. I was pleased with this look though it looks a little much for work. I don't care! haha!

Same as usual
Cantaloupe blush

Painterly p/p - base
Golden Lemon p/m - with mm as base for lid
Rated R e/s - inner 1/3 lid
Bright Future e/s - mid 1/3 lid
Clarity e/s - outer 1/3 lid
Deep Blue Green p/m - crease and blended up
Creme de Miel e/s - highlight
Gorgeous Gold e/s - inner crease
UD Covet 24/7 - lower lashline
Lise Watier Marin e/s - upper lashline

Honeylove l/s
Soft and Slow l/g





Here's two coats of OPI's Teal The Cows Come Home on my nails. This name makes me laugh I have no idea why. I have no idea what collection this is from. I've had it for a couple of years though. It's a beautiful metallic blue and applies very well. I don't think I've ever had application issues with OPI anyway. Unlike many metallic polishes, this applies with minimal brushe strokes visible when wet, the stroke marks fade away when the polish is dry.

I love this polish, here it is:

Ok, it's raining again today! I swear I'm getting really tired of this. It's been raining non stop since last Monday here. I feel kinda depressed in general and the rain is not helping.

We saw the movie Hangover last night finally and I loved it. It was pretty funny so that helped lift my spirit a little bit. I also made some yummy Mexican soup and spicy quesadillas (sp?) so I'm excited for my lunch. How was everyone's weekend?

I experimented with my Steel Blue pigment after re-discovering it during my swatching session yesterday. It looks gorgeous over a dark blue base. I'm mad you can't see the gold glitters in it, stupid rain! Damn you rain!

Same as usual
Nars Deep Throat blush

Cashflow p/p - base for lid
Dark blue colour from Mehron Paradise AQ - base for crease
OCC Auric loose pigment - lid
Steel Blue p/m - crease
Freshwater e/s - above crease
Your Ladyship p/m - highlight
Creme de Miel e/s - tear duct
UD Baked 24/7 liner - lower lashline
Lise Watier Marin liner - to line

3N l/s
Live n Dye l/g - wow, I'm really low on this! I should have got a backup :/





6:43 PM

I did swatches of my green pigments a while ago and was supposed to slowly swatch the rest of my collection and I guess I forgot about that all together. I had some time on my hands this weekend and decided to swatch all my MAC blue pigments and eyeshadows. I will go back and add my green eyeshadow swatches to the Green Pigment swatch as well.

Swatching these made me realize I don't really have a lot of blue pigments! MAC needs to make more blue pigments coz I need more variety, hehe!

So here we go, all swatches are on my NW30 arm with no base and applied dry.

Left to right: Freshwater, Tilt, Plumage eyeshadows

Left to right: Climate Blue, Prussian, Blue Flame, Clarity eyeshadows

Left to right: Steel Blue, Cornflower, Mutiny, Clear Sky Blue, Azreal Blue

Coming up within the next three weeks, we'll have the following swatches:

1. MAC green eyeshadows
2. MAC teal eyeshadows and pigments
3. MAC purple and pink eyeshadows and pigments
4. MAC gray/white eyeshadows and pigments
5. MAC golds/yellow/orange eyeshadows and pigments
6. MAC higlights
7. MAC brown/bronze eyeshadows and pigments

I tried my Show Orchid lipstick with a frosty gray smokey look yesterday. I love Show Orchid! I already had many hot pink lipsticks but couldn't pass this one either. I get the most compliments on my lips when I'm wearing a blue based bright pink lipstick so I figured that might me my colour, lol!

We had dinner and martinis with a couple friend of ours last night and thankfully as the rain had stopped by then, so we went for a stroll downtown right after. It's raining again now though :( I think we're gonna stay in today or might go catch a movie when/if the rain stops.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Here's my look.

SSF NW30 - I think this is a lil dark, look at my neck compared to my face :/
MSFN Med Plus
Stark Naked bpb
Petticoat MSF

Bare Canvas paint - base
Benefit Strut Cream e/s - base for lid
OCC loose pigment in Ironic - lid
Ego e/s - to blend crease into highlight
Pink Opal p/m - highlight and tear duct
Stila Black Smudge Pot - to liner and smudge, lowe lashline
NYX Black e/s - on top of smudge pot and blended up

Show Orchid



9:24 AM

Lol, what a silly title! I used my Ego eyeshadow bought from the Love That Look collection yesterday to create a soft pink look. I was actually quite happy with how it came out. Unfortunately, it's raining again (and a lot) today and it's so freakin dark out that I couldn't take any close ups. So I had to do with bathroom pics with flash :(

Anyway, here is the look. What's everyone doing this weekend? I'm visting my parents today coz my mom got quite sick and had to be taken to the hospital :( She's better now but off of work for a bit. If it doesn't rain, the hubby and I are going ziplining tomorrow.

Same as usual
Pleasantry mb
Micro-Pink loose bp

Fresco Rose p/p - base
Ego e/s - inner lid
OCC Glisten - outer lid
MUFE #26 - crease and lower lashline
MUFE #39 - outer lid lightly
Solar White e/s - highlight
Pink Opal p/m - tearduct
Gosh Funky Violet e/l - to line

Chatterbox l/s



I got to see the newest MAC collection, Love That Look, this evening as all the coounters around here have released the collection one week earlier than expected. Overall, this is a great collection if you love eyeshadows and the Starflash finish. Many of the colours were repromotes from last year. I have 5 eyeshadfows from last year's Starflash release so I only swatched the news ones. I also had decided against the pearlglides so I went straight for the eyeshadows.

I would say the new starflash eyeshadows seemed a little smoother than last year to me. I'm happy that MAC did some nice greens this time around. Here's are some swatches on NW30 arm with no base. The actual colours were brighter though, these swatches seem pale coz of the overcast sky.

Left to right: Strike A Pose, One-Off, Rated R, Ego

Left to right: Fashion Groupie, Unbasic White, Fashion, Style Snob

Here's a picture of my haul. Of course I got the two greens coz I got nothing similar in my stash. I also got the baby pink colour coz my pink collection is small and needs expanding.

Rated R, One-Off and Ego

I did some comparison swatches as well. Like I said, these are not dupes. I'm quite happy with my purchases.

Left to right: Rated R, Chartreuse pigment, Biogreen (PRO)

Left to right: Emerald Green (PRO), Spiritualize (LE), One-Off

Left to right: NYX Baby Blue, Ego, Sunset B. (LE)

Hope these swatches help someone!

aaaaaaahhhhhh...it's raining again! It's getting beyond annoying. I had the hardest time getting out of bed, I guess because it was still dark due to the rain. Once I did get out of bed, I decided to change the outfit planned for today and hence change the planned makeup. I was just being super slow. So of course I got to work a little late. It's a slow day again today so nobody even noticed.

Here's today's look.

Same as usual
Fad-dabulous mb
BB Apricot Shimmerbrick

Bare Canvas paint - base
Artifact p/p - base for lid
Melon p/m - inner lid
Rose p/m - wet on outer lid
Heritage Rouge p/m - crease and blended up, lower lashline
Creme de Miel e/s - highlight
UD Bourbon 24/7 - to line

Please Me l/s
Nymphette l/g





I received my OCC package yesterday and I'm super excited. I had heard so many good things about this brand through various Youtube beauty gurus and really wanted to try out their products. Just by coincidence, the weekend I decided to finally order some stuff they had a 30% off sale. I only ordered a few pigments but they're also famous for their lip tars so that would be my next order.

Here's the OCC website in case anyone is interested. Their customer service was excellent.


Here's a picture of everything I ordered:
Clockwise from left: Glisten (pale peach), Auric (gold), Atmosphere (mint green), Ironic (gunmetal gray) and Heroic (cobalt blue) in the centre

I'm so far very please with my purchase. The texture of the pigments is a bit like mineral pigments as in they're very finely milled. However, in pigmentation they're compare to MAC's pigments. They apply smooth and are quite long lasting. You only need a little bit of pigment on your brush to get intense pigmentation. There's 2.5 g of products in each jar so one should last you a lifetime.

Here are some comparison swatches. These are applied dry and without base on my NW30 arm. Some of my MAC colours started to look pale compared to the OCC stuff!

From left to right: Gorgeous Gold, Goldmine, Gold ( PRO metal), OCC Auric, Golden Lemon
Auric looks a bit like Cash Flow p/p. I only thought of it now but they two would make an amazing pair!

From left to right: Warm Chill, Lusterleaf, OCC Atmosphere, Golden Lemon
It looks like Atmosphere is the super pigmented version of Warm Chill

From left to right: Expensive Pink, MUFE #5, OCC Glisten

From left to right: Sweet Sienna, OCC Ironic
They're nothing alike, I just didn't have any gunmetal shade to compare.

From left to right: Freshwater, OCC Heroic, Cornflower

Hope you enjoyed these swatches. OCC gets two thumbs up from me!

9:49 AM

Surprise! I did another minty green look today! Haha, I just can't help it. I love teal and summer is the perfect time for this kinda colours. And summer is so freakin short! We've got a record of rainfall this year. It's been raining at least 3 times a week (today included).

I used one of my Obssessive Compulsive Cosmetics pigments today. I'm quite pleased with how these apply and blend. I'm going to make another post with my OCC haul and swatches next.

Same as usual
Too Faced Sun Bunny bronzer

Painterly p/p - base
OCC Atmosphere - lid
Jewel Blue e/s - crease
Aquadisiac e/s - inner crease
Prussian e/ - outer v
Blanc Type e/s - highlight
Gulf Stream e/s - lower lashline
Creme de Miel e/s - tear duct
Lise Watier Black Teal e/l - to line

Lollipop Lovin l/s
Sock Hop l/g