March 31, 2011

Hi beauties! I saw Urban Decay's Rollergirl palette picture in Temptalia's blog and got inspired to do a neutral look kicked up with fuchsia. I actually really like this look of this palette but I also am trying to be reasonable and think of all the dupes I might have in my stash. I'm really trying to cut out make-up purchase these days, and mostly due to the fact that I have no more room to store stuff, lol!

Anyway, hope you guys like this look. I just realized that I hadn't worn my beloved True Babe l/g in moons!

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua - Beige Tendre (B20)
MUFE Full Cover - #6
Ben Nye powder
Nars Desire blush

Painterly p/p - base
All That Glitters e/s - inner lid
Style Snob e/s - mid lid
UD Darkhorse e/s - outer lid
Bright Fuchsia p/m - crease
Vanilla p/m - highlight
UD Zero 24/7 - to line
Marcelle Power Volume mascara

MUFE 16C l/l
True Babe l/g





March 30, 2011

Hey beauties! I have a more smokey look to share with you today, quite a contrast to what I posted yesterday. I love purple smokey eyes on myself, especially with a navy liner with my amber eyes. So I thought I do a navy purple smokey eye. Hubby actually really liked this look on me. He was telling me that my eyes with glistening (though you can't really see it in pics, booo).

Anyway, here's the look. Hope you guys like it!

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua - Beige Tendre (B20)
Ben Nye Powder
Azalea Blossom b/o

Painterly p/p - base for crease and above
Inglot Purple g/l - base for lid
Prance e/s - inner lid
Purple from Stilla Doll'd Up palette - lid
Blue Flame e/s - outer lid
Nars Rajasthan duo - dark teal shade in crease
Nars Jolie Poupee duo - lavender shade above crease
Blanc Type e/s - highlight
Designer Purple p/g - lower lashline
Lise Watier Marin e/l - to line
Lancome Definicils Pro

Creme Cup l/s
Underage l/g




March 29, 2011

Hi beauties! Today I have for you one of the looks of this past weekend. I wore this to a big Persian New Year party hosted by a close family friend. We had a great time with a tone of Persian food (including kabobs, mmmm), big snack and dessert bar and lotsa dancing. Right after, I went to join a few friends for drinks downtown for one of my close friends' birthday. Overall it was an amazing weekend; made it easier to come back to all this work, lol!

For the New Year party, I went for a retro look with MAC Ruby Woo lips, matte skin using Nars Sheer Matte, soft neutral eyes and cat eyeliner. Hope you guys like this look :)

Nars Sheer Matte foundation - Fiji
MUFE Full Cover - #6
Ben Nye powder
Nars Madly blush - this is soon becoming my all time fave blush!

UDPP - base
Blanc Type e/s - all over lid
Cork and Wedge e/s - crease
Solar White e/s - highlight
Lancome Black Art Liner - to line
Diorshow mascara

Inglot red l/l
Ruby Woo l/s




For an outfit with the same retro feel, I wore this polka dot dress by Le Chateau. I love that it has pick-ups at the back. It enhances my butt, so now it matches my boobs, looool! Red belt and peep-toes are both by Aldo:

And here's a picture of me and my gorgeous mommy from the party. We posed with the desserts. My mom gets hotter with age, I really hope I will be like her too:

March 28, 2011

Hey lovelies! I stumbled to Holts Renfrew on Sunday after a brunch date with hubby and picked up some goodies from Kiehl's. Kiehl's is actually one of my fave brands and I'm a faithful user of their hair product and most definitely their lip balms (the best in the market IMO).

So this is what I picked up:

Sunflower Oil Color Preserving Conditioner - I've actually never used Kiehl's conditioners though I looove their shampoo's. This one smells amazing and it promises to maintain hair colour while also preveting hair breakage. I'm excited to try it out!

Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter - I have a weakness for warm-smelling body butters. This one is super absorbent and rich. It lasts a long time and has the most delicious "comfort" smell if you know what I mean...

Picked up any new body products lately? Do you own any of these two products? Feel free to share in comments :)

March 28, 2011

Hey beauties and happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. I had a busy one with two Persian New Year parties and one birthday party that I attended back to back Saturday and Sunday. I like socializing though so my weekends are always full.

This look is actually from Friday. I wanted to wear my Nars South Pacific duo which I hadn't touched since summer :/ I adore this duo though. Both sides are super pigmented and blend like a dream. I also used my Nars Sheer Matte foundation after a long time. I honestly think sheer matte is as good as sheer glow and I use them both depending on the look I'm going for.

Hope you guys like this look!

Nars Sheer Matte Foundation - Fiji
MUFE Full Cover - #6
Ben Nye powder
Pink Cult blush
Pearl Blossom bp

Painterly p/p - base for above crease
Inglot teal g/l - base for lid and crease
Nars South Pacific Duo - lighter shade on inner lid/ darker shade on lid
Blue Brown p/m - crease
Nars Bali e/s - outer v
Blanc Type e/s - highlight
Cargo Swimmable e/l - teal shade on lower lashline
BB Cobalt Ink g/l - to line
Diorshow mascara

Snob l/s
Going Casual c/g





March 27, 2011

Happy Sunday everyone! Here's another edition of my top 5 nail polishes. This one focuses on "traditional" colours; red and pink. It may sound boring to you but in my opinion red and pink are the best shades for nail polish. They look good on everyone and you can wear them all year long. Here's a list of my faves:

1. Top 5 Red Nail polishes - sultry reds will forever have a place in my heart. Just like red lipstick, I tend to accumulate a lot of red nail polishes. I never have enough as in my opinion red goes with everything!

Essie Laquered Up - bright tomato red, I looove this for spring!
Essie Fishnet Stockings - This is a deeper sexy red, just like the name suggests. There's a swatch of this shade here.
OPI Dutch Tulip - Pinky red, very pretty and reminds me of Chanel Cambon Rouge Coco. You can see my NOTD here.
OPI Malaga Wine - My all time fave nail polish, this is my third bottle of this blood red shade.
Color Club Fast Woman - this burgundy red is hands down the sexiest red shade in my stash. Perfect for the fall/winter season.

Top 5 Pink Nail Polishes - The first nail polish my mom ever gave me was a light seashell pink when I was 5. That's how long I've actually been painting my nails! I love the simplicity of pink from light mod pinks to bright pop of strawberry pink.

OPI Mod About You - this is an unusual but HOT shade of pink, very light but opaque pink.
OPI Strawberry Martguerita - My go-to pink all summer long, awesome formula too! Check out my NOTD here.
China Glaze Strawberry Fields - This medium pink infused with golden shimmer in a glass finish just makes me happy. My fave China Glaze nail polish of all time!
Color Club Ultra Violet - this is more of a violet pink with blue reflects; very unique and very petty. I'm wearing Ultra Violet here.
Zoya Bijou - This is a warmer pink and looks awesome on toes. Another one of those shades that just make you happy. See my NOTD here.

What are some of your favourite nail polishes in these two colour categories?

11:36 AM

March 24, 2011

Hey lovelies! I've been feeling the slightly smokey eyes with bold lips these days so this look might seem a "little" familiar, lol! This time I used the Naked palette (which is probably my best makeup purchase to date) and Woo Me Kissable Lip Colour. I love the formula of these kissable lipsticks as you might have heard me say before. Woo Me is my fave outta the ones I have due to my having a soft spot for the vamp family of colours.

Hope you guys like this look.

Lancome Teint Mircle - Buff 4C
Nars Copacabana Illuminator - mixed with foundation
MUFE Full Cover - #6
Ben Nye powder
Prim n Proper blush
Shell Pearl bp

Painterly p/p - base
Underground GPS - base for lid
UD Sidecar e/s - inner lid
UD Toasted e/s - mid lid
UD Hustle e/s - outer lid and crease
UD Naked e/s - above crease
UD Virgin e/s - highlight
UD Bourbon 24/7 - lower lashline
BB Chocolate Shimmer g/l - to line
Lancome Definicils Pro mascara

MUFE 12C l/l
Woo Me kissable lip colour






Outfit of the day was a one shoulder cream dress from American Apparel, ruffled gray sweater from Le Chateau, tights from Nine West and gray boots from Guess. Oh, one of the guys in my office calls my boots "Pirate Boots", lol! Men know nothing really :/ sucks that I'm stuck working with men all day...


March 23, 2011

Hey lovelies! This is part #2 of my top 5 nail polishes organized by colour categories. Hope you Enjoy this post!

1. Top 5 Blue Polishes - I included anything from light blue to navy in this section. Blue nail polish is one of my favourite colours to wear and I think blue is a shade that works with all skintones.

Misa Pour me Something Tall and Strong - gorgeous neon medium blue, excellent summer choice.
China Glaze Caribbean Blue - This is prob my most worn blue polish, beautiful light blue with micro gold shimmer.
China Glaze Frost Bite - This is a deeper bright royal blue, my hubby's fave shade of nail polish on me. See a swatch of the Rally blue here.
Zoya Crystal - Crystal is more of a teal blue and it has silver and gold, absolutely beautiful! See my swatch here.
OPI Russian Navy - This is a classic navy, it has hints of purple and is soooo chic!

2. Top 5 Green Polishes - I must admit, unlike many nail fanatics, green is not a colour I like to wear on my nails. I do wear it but I'm picky! I only go for darker greens and avoid anything grassy or yellow toned (yellow clashes baaaad with my cooler undertones).

OPI Jade is the New Black - This is the perfect medium green, not all yellow toned, lol! Have a look at my swatch here.
Misa Grass is Greener on the Other Side - Neon medium green, I only wear this on my toes.
Misa Toxic Seduction - This is a beautiful shimmery forst green, application is excellent. One of my fall faves and absolutely sexy. Check out my swatch here.
Zoya Edyta - Edyta is a deep olive green with beautiful micro gold shimmer. I adore this one!
Zoya Envy - I love that Envy is super dark yet distinctly green and not black, even indoors.

3. Top 5 Purple Polishes - oh how I love purples! I have a preference for lilac toned ones. Either way this category took me a while to decide on. I tend to buy a lot of purple nail polishes.

American Apparel Dynastie - My favourite purple hands down! Gorgeous light purple with cream finish.
OPI Parlez Vous OPI? Dusty light purple again with a cream finish. I'm on my second bottle!
Color Club Wild at Heart - This is how holos should be done. With a purple base and tones of fine silver shimmer. Check out my swatch here.
Orly Cashmere Cardigan - This is more of a perwinkle shade, it screams spring to me. Excellent formula and you can see a swatch of it here.
OPI Louvre me Louvre me Not - My fave red toned purple. OPI does great purples, every single one I have is a hit.

What are some of your favourite nail polishes in these three categories?

March 23, 2011

Hey lovelies! The weather here is still pretty chilly despite it being the third day of spring. We actually had a snow storm on Monday :/ I'm trying to keep spring in the air with my colourful makeup. I did another contrasting look; this time I combined corals on lid with greens on lower lashline. I'm not the biggest fan of greens on myself to be honest. I only really like smokey and dark greens vs bright ones. But as a liner it's not so bad.

Hope you guys like this look :)

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua - Beige Tendre (B20)
MUFE Full Cover - #6
Ben Nye powder
Instant Chic blush

Painterly p/p - base for upper lid
MUFE Aqua Cream #5 - base for lid
Jest e/s - middle of lid
Inglot coral e/s - inner and outer lid/crease
Saffron e/s - inner and outer lid
Coppering e/s - inner and outer v
Blanc Type e/s - highlight
Goldmine e/s - tear duct
Lancome Black Art Liner - to line
MUFE Aqua Cream #22 - lower lashline
Cargo 3 in 1 mascara

Mouth Off l/s
Chanel Teheran RC
Chanel Venus glossimer





March 22, 2011

Hey lovelies! I had picked up a couple of new Chanel goodies and thought I incorporate them in this look. I don't typically go for this shade of lipstick but I thought it was fun to mix it up. Chanel Imperial is a beautiful rusty coral shade. I'm not sure even if that's the right description. This is a hard colour to describe and I definitely don't own anything even remotely close to it.

Hope you all enjoying your day. Let me know what you think of this look.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua - Beige Tendre (B20)
MUFE full cover - #6
Chanel Universelle Compecte - Peche
Nars Madly blush

Painterly p/p- base
BB Pewter e/s - inner lid
Smoke n Diamonds e/s - mid lid
Nars Bali e/s - outer lid and crease
Blanc Type e/s - highlight
UD Stash 24/7 - lower lashline
Nars Nouveau Monde duo - green side to set Stash
Lancome Black Art Liner - to line
Diorshow mascara

Chanel Imperial RA laque



So I went to the Chanel counter this past weekend to check out their setting powder. I just ran out of my MAC blot powder and wanted a chic compact for my purse. I was debating between 50-Peach and 20-beige. They're the same colour except peach has you know, peachy undertones. My SA recommended the peachy one for me and I must say this powder is amazing. And it's so finely milled, definitely a lux feeling to it:

And since I like to treat myself to a Chanel lipstick every once in a while, I browsed through the rouge allure, RA laques and Rouge Coco selection and ended up with Imperial:

And finally, this is the outfit I wore with the Imperial look. I adore ruffles but often they don't work with my full chest, this Le Chateau piece does though. Jacket is by Tristan and America and wide legged gray pants are by Laura. My boots are old school Nine West:

March 21, 2011

Hey lovelies! I am so excited that spring is finally here. As I mentioned in my previous posts, Persian New Year is also the first day of spring so I'm doubly excited!! I didn't actually do much for the New Year since my folks are throwing a big party next weekend. But hubby and I and some friends went for brunch on Sunday and since it was nice and sunny, I got inspired to do a pretty look. I did cool and warm golds on my eyes and bright pinks on the lips. I actually got a few compliments on my makeup in the restaurant, from young and old ladies :D

Here's the drill:

Lancome Teint Miracle - Buff 4C
Nars Copacabana Illuminator - mixed with foundation
MUFE Full Cover Concealer - #6
Ben Nye Powder
Nars Desire blush

Painterly p/p - base
Blonde's Gold p/m - inner lid
Goldmine e/s - mid lid
Amber Lights e/s - outer lid and crease
Wedge e/s - above crease
Blanc Type e/s - highlight
MUFE 6k e/l - lower lashline
Lancome Art Liner in Black - to line
Cargo 3 in 1 mascara

Annabelle Fuchsia l/l
Gladiola l/s
Creme Allure d/g



Oh and here's a pic of my yummy brunch: Apple cinnamon pancake with scrambled eggs, sausage and fruit salad. I also have a gigantic smoothy.....nom nom nom:

March 21, 2011

Hey lovelies, hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I've decided to show you my top 5 nail polishes in various colour categories starting today. I was inspired to do this when I was going through my nail polish stash yesterday. I didn't even count the polishes, just reorganized them for the season. I remember the last time I counted them was 2 years ago and I had 90 bottles :/ and obviousely many more have been added since, I think the number is closer to 150 now. I just loooove nail polishes though; I change my nail colour everyday to reflect my mood. I can go without makeup but naked nails means naked me, lol!

For the first installment of favourite polishes, I have chosen my top 5 vamp, nude and gray/taupe polishes. All shades are described from left to right (in the picture).

1. Top 5 Vampy Polishes - vampy shades are by far my favourite colour of nail polish and hence fall is my fave nail polish season. I consider anything dark vamp, lol! So this category is multi-coloured, but all with a somber mood.

OPI Yes I Can Can - my all time most worn dark nail polish. There's no dark burgundy like this cream finish perfection.
Zoya Casey - The most gorgeous super dark burgundy brown. Looks gorge with my skintone.
Essie Sexy Divide - this is the dark purple perfection. Slight shimmer and smooth application; I have an NOTD here.
Chanel Paradoxal - this is more of a trendy gray purple. Very unique and always a conversation starter. You can see my NOTD here.
Orly Galaxy Girl - Another non-traditional vamp. This is a dark red brown with blue reflects, as seen in this post. Gotta love Orly's nail innovation.

2. Top 5 Nude/Natural Polishes - the nude and neutral shades are forever classy. I prefer the more unique ones that have a hint of taupe, gray than the band-aid look.

OPI Time-less is more - this is actually a pale white, not a chalkboard shade. The name perfectly describes the colour. Click here to see my swatch.
American Apparel California Topper - This is a gorgeous gray toned nude. Lovely in all seasons.
$OPI - Going Nude, eh? This is similar to the APP but warmer and lighter.
OPI Tickle My France-y - My all time most worn nude, what an elegant and ladylike shade.
Orly Country Club Khaki - lovely lovely light taupe nude. Excellent application.

3. Top 5 Gray/Taupe Polishes - this types of shades has been trendy since OPI released You Don't Know Jacques with their France Collection back in 2008.

Color Club Jewel of a Girl - My go-to light gray. Since I own a lot of gray clothing, this gets used a lot.
Color Club Snakeskin - a warmer and deeper gray, bordering taupe.
OPI You Don't Know Jacques - you probably all own this, if not you should! Def an OPI classic by now.
China Glaze Ingrid - I adore this dark taupe because of the tiny gold flecks. Looks amazing when the sun hits it. See here for swatch.
MAC Earthy Harmony - the perfect "conservative" colour that is still trendy. Click here for my swatch.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. I will post the rest of the colours in sequence this week and the next. What are some of your fave polishes in colour categores listed?

March 17, 2011

Hey lovelies! I was finally able to break outta my red lips phase and did a different look yesterday. I've been feeling a bit down these days (not quite sure why yet) so I wore the blue shades on my eyes to reflect my mood. Since I rarely do an all out blue look (makes me a bit uncomfortable), I added the gold shade to brighten up the look a bit. Oh, and I wore this look to work and to dinner with my folks, it was my dad's 57th birthday. Happy birthday to the best dad a girl can have :)

Hope you guys like this look. Oh and sorry I have no close-up. It was a miserably rainy day...that could have not helped my mood, hmmm!

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua - Beige Tendre (B20)
MUFE Full Cover Concealer - #6
Ben Nye powder
Prim n Proper blush
Chez Chez Lame powder

Painterly p/p - base
Goldmine e/s - inner lid
Freshwater e/s - lid
Blue Flame e/s - outer lid
Prussian e/s - outer v
Winkle e/s - above Freshwater
Blanc Type e/s - highlight
Lise Watier Marin e/l - to line and water line
Gosh Cool Mint e/l - inner lower lashline
Lancome Pro-Definicils mascara - currently testing this

Marquise d' l/s
Live n Dye l/g



March 16, 2011

Hey lovelies! I was feeling kida restless so I was inspired to do this post after I saw miss Fancy Face, a.ka. Tina's blog post about her most used makeup items. Make sure you visit her fab blog, she's one of my greatest inspiration when it comes to makeup.

So you think given all the makeup I collect (and sometimes hoard, lol), there's no way I ever finished anything. But believe it or not, I have! here's a breakdown of the items I have finishes:

1. MAC Studio Fix Fluid (NW25) - this used to me my go-to foundation in the days I wanted heavier coverage. I have been through 4 bottles of this foundation but don't own any currently. Nowadays, I prefer a dewy and my skin but better kind of coverage.

2. MAC Blanc Type Eyeshadow - this is pretty much my everyday highlight shade. I prefer a matte highlight and so I cannot get enough of this gorgeous light ivory shade. I have finished a Blanc Type before and now am mostly out of my second. Need to pick another one ASAP.

3. MAC Snob lipstick - this light cool pink is hands-down the most used lipstick in my stash. I love wearing it with purple smokey eyes (which I tend to do a lot) and really any other eye combination. I have already finished a Snob and am now 50% down my second tube.

4. MAC Blankety Lipstick - Blankety was one of my first two MAC lipsticks ever (the other was Girl About Town, both purchased back in 2003). I have been through one tube already as this is the ideal nude shade for my skintone. I have started using my second tube since last November.

5. Urban Decay Bourbon 24/7 Eyeliner - Bourbon is a gorgeous shimmery medium brown and I reach for it almost blindly. Urban Decay's liners are so smooth and this one goes with everything. I am now on my second Bourbon and only have like 1/4 of my pencil left :(

6. Lise Watier Marin Eyeliner - I adore the quality of Lise watier's liners. They are also some of the longest lasting pencil liners I've tried. This navy shade does a great job of bringing out my amber eyes. I love this pencil and am now on my second one!

7. Annabelle Black Eyeliner - Annabelle is one of my fave drugstore brands and they make some badass eyeliners. Their black liner is very dark, applies smoothly and is long lasting. I think I've been through at least 10 of these since I've been using it since high school.

8. Lancome Hypnose mascara - I always have a few mascaras in rotation but none can ever take the place of Lancome Hypnose in my heart. This is the best volumizing mascara in the market. I usually wear it on night out only but yet been though at least 8 tubes (probably more).

9. MAC Sunbasque blush - so I currently don't own this blush as I ran out of my last one. But I used to fake tan using tanning beds back then (bad bad Saadeh) and loooooved Sunbasque on my skin. I think I've been through two Sunbasques. Gorgeous gorgeous shade! I never bought it again coz it reminds me of my bad tanning habits, nothing wrong with the shades though!

10. OPI Magala Wine - this red burgundy shade is the only nail polish I ever ran out of before it dried. Burgundies are my fave shades to wear on my nails and Magala Wine is the best of them all. I am now on my second Magala Wine.

11. MUFE Face and Body foundation (#32) - I rotate my foundations a lot but in the summer I only wear this light water based foundation. I even like the cooling affect I feel on my face after I apply this. I have already gone through one bottle and am now on my second one.

12. MAC Underage Lipgloss - This milky pink lipgloss is my most beloved gloss in the universe. I don't do as many nude lip looks anymore but when I do, I always layer Underage on top of my lipstick. Once again, I'm on my second tube.

What are your most used makeup items? What products have you ran out of?

March 16, 2o11

booo, I know I'm boring, but I did another look with red-ish lips! I really can't come up with too many creative ideas it seems lately. I think about it the night before but I've been going through insomnia since last week so when I wake up I just do bold lips. Btw, for those of you who suffer from lack of sleep or like me just can't shut your brain off at night, what do you do? I'm so exhausted these days I'm actually surprised at my own ability to go to work, blog... function like a person who's getting enough sleep :/

Anyway, sorry about the rant guys. Hope you like this look.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua - Beige Tendre (B20)
MUFE Full Cover Concealer - #6
Nars Copacabana Illuminator - mixed with foundation
Ben Nye powder
Pink Cult blush

Painterly p/p - base
All That Glitters e/s - inner lid
MUFE #39 - to cut and blend crease
Embark e/s - crease
Blanc Type e/s - highlight
Vanilla p/m - tearduct
Dark Diversion f/l - to line
Chanel Rouge Noir Mascara

Inglot #677 l/l
Chanel Precious RA




12:02 PM

March 15, 2011

Hey lovelies! I did this simple silver and black smokey eyes for Saturday night dinner with another couple. I added the red just for fun of it and paired the whole this with my favourite pinky red lipstick, Chanel Rouge Coco in Cambon. Oh and I also must add, I adore my Ladyblush creamblend blush. I wanna go and get some more of these cream blushes. Which Other ones do you guys recommend?

Hope you like this look:

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua - Beige Tendre (B20)
MUFE Full Cover - #6
Ladyblush creamblend blush
Ben Nye powder
BB Nectar Shimmer Brick

Painterly p/p - base
Silverthorn e/s - inner lid
Smoke n Diamonds e/s - lid
UD Creep e/s - outer lid
UD Hustle e/s - outer v
MUFE #128 - crease
UD Virigin e/s - highlight
Lise Watier Silver e/l - inner lower lashline
Lise Watier Noir e/l - outer lower lashline
Blacktrack f/l - to line
Diorshow mascara

Inglot red l/s
Chanel Cambon RC



Oh and I tried some cascading style on my hair. Not the best picture of it but it was cute, lol!