Hi everyone,
Just a quick note to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and hope that you all are enjoying a fantastic holiday season. I'm going to be in D.C. until Jan 2nd and hoping to update as soon as I get back home (old sleepy Ottawa!). I have done a lot of shopping so far. I'm so jealous of the American girls as there are so many outlet malls here with so many choices! I haven't bought any makeup yet but the Bebe outlet store has left a big hole in my wallet so I may wait for MAC's BBR collection for my next makeup haul.

See you guys again soon in the New Year :)

I'm leaving for my x-mas trip to D.C. Tuesday night so this will be my last FOTD for the year. I've been so busy these last two weeks that I haven't had chance to go x-mas shopping at all! That's all gonna get done tomorrow. This is the look I wore to my husband's aunt x-mas party last night. I meant for it too look wintery, hope it did! Hope everybody wil have a merry x-mas and I will be updating again on Jan 3rd.

same as usual
NARS Sin Blush
Petticoat MSF

Stilife paint
NYX Jumbo pencil in Pots and Pans
Silver Fog p/m
Azreal Blue p/m
Moth Brown e/s
Vanilla e/s
Delphic fluideline
Lise Watier pencil liner in Noir

Craving l/s
Love Alert dazzleglass

I tried this reverse eyeliner look I've been meaning to do for the longest time. I wore this to work so I didn't want to make it too dramatic. My husband said I looked like Cleopatra! Lol, I don't think men really get makeup.

Same as usual
LoveJoy mb
Sunspill loose bp

Cash Flow p/p
Goldmine e/s
Star Violet e/s
Solar White e/s
Stila Black Smudge Pot
NYX Black e/s

Long Stem Roses slimshine

I know, I know! I do too much purples! It's just that purple is the non brainer eye makeup for me. I wore this look to the Festival of Season Gala that my husband had helped organize. The Mayor of Ottawa was there too. Though you know I really wanted to punch him as we're having bus drivers strike her in Ottawa and I kinda see it the mayor's responsibility to resolve the issue and he hasn't done much about it. In fact I saw many ppl give him annoyed looks last night.

Anyway, on to the FOTD. I know there are lotsa products, but it literally took me 10 mins to finish this look:

Same as usual
Pleasantry mb
Pearl Blossom bp

Bare Canvas paint
Sunset B. e/s
Poison Pen e/s
Top Hat e/s
Graphology e/s
matte pale pink e/s from an old Elizabeth Arden quad
UD 24/7 pencil in 1999
Stila Black Smudge Pot

Up the Amp l/s

I've been very busy with work this week so I haven't had a chance to update my blog. Things are just crazy in my office now as it is the end of the year. I will be away for about 10 days during the holidays so I need to make sure that there are no loose ends left.

I just thought I post my wish list from the MAC perm line as of now. I actually haven't been paying a lot of attention to the LE stuff since Cult of Cherry and trying to focus on the perm line, there are some beautiful gems in there, trust me!

Honey Love
Half 'n half

Love Nectar

Blanc Type
Fig 1
Plumage (I've been loving the mattes and matte2's lately)

Pro pigments
Grape (I have a sample of this and I'm running out)
Clear Sky Blue

I'm hoping to stick to my perm list and avoid most of the upcoming LE collections. It might be a little bit hard with the Brunette, Blonde and Redhead collection but we will see :)

I also placed an order with Head2Toe website for some ChinaGlaze and Essie nail polishes. I'm a big nailpolish addict but have been wearing OPI for too long so I thought of expanding my horizon. I have placed and order for the following:

CG - Harmony
CG - Admire
CG - Sexy Lady
Essie - Big Spender
Essie - Secret Affair
Essie - Jackie Oh My
Essie - Anniversary Gala
Essie - Watermelon

I can't wait to get my goodies!!

3:54 PM

I did another red lips look this time with my beloved So Scarlet. I love Port Red but i think I like So Scarlet even more as it's a deeper red and the amplified texture is so much better than the frost. I wore this to my company's x-mas party last night. I actually had my professional practice exam at 2:00 pm on saturday (this is the exam you write to become a professional engineer in Ontario) so I had to go to the exam all dressed up as my company's party was right after the exam :/

Same as usual
Stark Naked bpb
Petticoat MSF

Stilife paint
Blonde's Gold p/m
Smoke and Diamonds s/s
Print e/s
Vanilla p/m
Lise Watier silver e/l
Lise Watier Noir Intense e/l
Stila Black smudge pot

So Scarlet l/s
Cult of Cherry l/g (this lipgloss is the prettiest red ever)

10:24 AM

Ok, so I'm on a row with my warm colours. I think the wonderfully cold and -26 deg weather we're having these days is making me want to wear warm toned makeup. I also used my Mehron Palette again today. It's the first time I'm using it under eyeshadows as opposed to pigments and there's still no creasing. I'm so going back after x-mas to get the Pastel Palette! Oh, and I'm not too happy with the blending above the crease, but I kinda got lost admiring the colours and then was running late for work so I just left it as is!

Same as usual
Eversun bpb - to contour
Alpha Girl bp as blush

Mehron Tropical Palette - mango and red colours
Goldmine e/s
Amber lights e/s
Cranberry e/s
Embark e/s
Melon p/m
Solar White e/s
UD 24/7 liner in Baked

Strange Hybrid l/s

I'm still stuck with this wonderful flue :/ However, yesterday I received my new pigments in the mail. Another Temptette (Shayla) and I decided that we swap some of our pigments and I received my share yesterday. The colours are beautiful. I have a lot of purples, blue and pinks so I chose some of her green/gold/copper colours and I'm so happy I did :) So this is a look I did with some of the new pigments. Shayla, this is dedicated to you, I won't let the flue stop me from playing with my new beauties :)

Same as usual
LoveJoy mb
BB Apricot Shimmer Brick

Delft p/p - base
Old Gold p/m - inner lid
Spiritualize p/m - outer lid
Copper p/m - crease and outer v
Gorgeous Gold e/s - tear duct
Vanilla p/m - highlight
Copper Sparkle p/m - wet to line lower lashline

3N l/s

I've been having a lil bit of a rough week. First the stupid burn I got and after that, I caught the flue. I spent the entire yesterday in bed with all the annoying signes of cold; earache, headache, sore throat....:(

But I'm a little bit better today so I decided to do a review of my beloved Mehron Palette. I got the Tropical Palette from a stage makeup/clown store here in Ottawa. I start with the swatches:
top to bottom: dark blue, red, yellow and grass green

Top to bottom: lime green, gray (i don't know why this photographed blue :/), deep purple and a salmon colour.

I'm in love! Thes colours are all water activated and I've been using my fingers (wet) to apply them to my lid as a base for my eyeshadows and pigments. There is a tiny brush provided in the palette but I haven't used it yet. These colours definitely make your eyeshadows pop! I'm in love with the purple, red and the two greens. One advice I would give is to definitely let these dry once you applied them before packing on the eyeshadow/pigment. If they dry properly, they make an awesome base for even the dullest colours and do not crease (well, at least not on me). The one thing you want to be careful is not to wear these if it's raining outside. The same way they're activated with water, they're also de-activated with water and will start to run.

I'm extremly hppy with these though. The palette was about $45 Canadian which will make each colour about $7. I think this is an awesome price compared to MAC coloured bases (paints, paint pots, shade sticks). I still love my MAC but the Mehron Palettes are great products for those who love colour as they come in a great rainbow of shades. I'm already thinking about getting the Pastel palette as well :)

So I did this look today and again I think my camera never does any justice to the bright looks! A few minutes after I took these pictures, I spilled hot tea on my lips, chin and neck and now they burn like hell!! Probably i can't wear l/s for a few days till i heal :( Then i came to work and been working while holding ice on my chin and lips :(

same as usual
Soft Flame loose bp

Fresco Rose p/p -base
Pink Opal p/m - inner corner
Fuchsia p/m - lid
Print e/s - crease
Vanilla p/m - highlight
Lise Watier silver e/l - lower lashline

Please Me l/s
random pink VS lipgloss

It's been snowing in Ottawa for a few days straight. I'm already tired of winter and it hasn't even really started. I did this look today to cheer me up coz it's sorta tropical. I had to use flash again as it was dark out so the colours are not as vibrant as they could have been.

Same as usual
Stark Naked bpb
Petticoat MSF
(I must say that the combo of Stark Naked and Pettocoat is one of my all time fave)

Delft p/p - base
Golden Olive p/m - lid
NYX Turquoise Pearl Mania - Crease
Vanilla p/m - highlight
Solar White e/s - tear duct
Delphic f/l - lower lashline

Vegas Volt l/s
Sock Hop l/g