November 22, 2009

As promised, I took many pictures when attending the IMATS show tried to take in as much as I could so I can share it with you guys. First of all, the day started kind of stressful. The hubby and I got lost as we went to Princess Blv instead of Prince's blv. It wasn't really our fault though the website for the IMATS venue (Heritage Court) had the incorrect address. We did get there at around 9:30 am.

I was overwhelmed at the beginning as I was trying to run to all the counters at once, lol! I noticed immediately that there's a huuuuge lineup in front of the MUFE counter so decided I don't want to start with them. The venue actually seem smaller than what I had imagined but it was still pretty roomy. I met up with a fellow blogger, Nepenthe, and hauling with her made the experience so much more fun! I ended up hitting OCC, MUFE, Nars, Crown brushes, Royal brushes, Ben Nye, Kryolan, Pari and Naked Pigments. I also attended the MAC Pro and Enkore Makeup seminars and I would say I learned a lot from both. If I wasn't only there for one day of IMATS, I would be attending more seminars as they really completed the event. Oh, I got to meet Enkore Makeup as well, he's very sweet and down to earth in person.

MUFE had a great deal on their product by offering 40% of their regular price. As a result, they had the busiest counter. Ben Nye sold their product through Malabar and I would say they were also doing pretty well. My top two brands to try were Kryolan and Naked Pigments and I was pleased to see that they had good deals as well. In general, all exhibitors were very friendly and helpful. My favourite exhibitors were OCC and Ben Nye mostly in terms of friendliness of the staff. I guess most of the exhibitors were pleasantly surprised about the nice weather in Toronto. Seem like they were all expecting a snow storm, haha!

I was there till 12, then left to have lunch with the hubby. I came back at around 3 pm and by then the place wasn't as busy. I was able to wrap up my shopping, and chat with more exhibitors before they closed down. Overall, I would say this was an amazing experience for me. I got the opportunity to meet some amazing makeup artists, the talents behind many fabulous brands (like OCC and Yaby) while enjoying great deals on tried and true and new brand makeup.

I will be making another post tomorrow with my haul and more details on the deals we got. But for now enjoy these pics, I'm off to bed :)

inside the hall

body painting

Ben Nye counter


Crown Brushes

movie head samples

with Enkore Makeup

Enkore doing makeup on Pursebuzz

End of show, with my bag!

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