November 13, 2009

haha, today is Friday the 13th!! I guess I'm gonna try to find a scary movie and watch it tonight. I hardly find any movie scary, except maybe the Spanish movie called Orphanage. If you guys haven't seen that one, make sure you do. It freaked me out so much I still don't dare thinking about it. Other scary movies though I just find lame...

Anyone have special plans this weekend? The hubby and I are prob spending some time setting up the new surround sound system we just got (well, hubby got it for his b-day). We're also going to a new all you can eat Sushi restaurant tomorrow night. I also need to finalize my wishlist for IMATS, I am so excited about that part. Anyway, I took this look from Sephora,


and recreated it on myself today as I was having a brain freeze and didn't know what to wear. Here's my copy cat look:

Studio Sculpt Concealer NC30
Studio Sculpt Foundation NW 25 (I'm wearing this now again as my MUFE Mat Duo is too dark)
Stark Naked bpb

Painterly p/p - base
Mutiny p/m - inner 1/3 lid
Platinum p/m - mid 1/3 lid
Violet p/m - outer 1/3 lid and a little bit in the crease
Blanc Type e/s - higlight
Lise Watier Silver e/l - lower lashline
Gosh FUnky Violet e/l - to line

Cream Cup l/s
Snowscene l/g





4 Responses to "Sephora Copy Cat Look"

  1. Zerin Says:

    Gorgeous look! I want to recreate it as well. =)

    I would love to know your wishlist for the IMATS! Let us know. YAY!

  2. Shayla Says:

    You did a good job! Can't wait to hear all about IMATS

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    thanks girls :) I have a potential lemming list that I'll post tomorrow, but it needs to be cut down some :(

  4. Stephanie Says:

    lovely! great job!

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