October 3, 2010

I finally had a decent night sleep and am up to all the errands I need to run today. But first things first, blogging!

I was lucky enough to try out the new Marcelle Lux Metallic Liquid Eyeliners and Lux Diamond Liquid Eyeliners. Both of these eyeliners retail for $11.95CAD and are available at your local drugstores.

The Lux Metallic Eyeliners are liquid liners with some sheen and frost. I love these layered over black liner or a a matching liner. I think this is a very neat product that can add some ooooomph to your basic coloured liner and spice up you look. You can also dot it over matching eyeshadow (a look I shall be trying soon).

Here are some swatches over Annabelle black kohl eyeliner:

Left to right: Blue Cobalt, Aqua, Jade and Ultraviolet

I gotta say Aqua is my favourite, nothing like a pop of metallic blue with an otherwise simple eye look.

The Diamond Liquid Liners are glitters in clear base and apply like your average liquid liners. I adore these two! I don't wear glitter as much as I think I should but these two shades (Pure Gold and Silver) are great addition to my stash. They're basic enough to be layered over other shades yet they're so blingy, have a look:

Left to right: Pure Gold, Silver

Both types of liners are super easy to apply and don't take long to dry. I would say about 2-3 minutes with is average time for glitter liners (as per my experience). Once applied, they do not budge until you take them off.

Have you tried these new Marcelle liquid liners? What are you thoughts? What are some your favourite Marcelle products?

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