May 28, 2012

Hey beauties! Here's another pregnancy update for you and I feel like much has been accomplished since the last time. First things first, here's a belleh picture:


Baby Name: lil girl's name has been decided on finally! I will announce it on the blog when she's born.

Total weeks Pregnant : I will be 27 weeks (7 months) pregnant tomorrow, which means I will be in my third and last trimester!!!

Total weight gained/body changes: I have now gained a total of 9 lbs and now cannot fit in most of my jeans :( I finally caved in and purchased a pair or maternity denim shorts and cargos from Old Navy. My belly is quite a bit rounder too and now there's no mistaking I'm pregnant, though most ppl guess I'm only 5 months along :/ Oh, ya and my breasts are starting to grow unfortunately too. Does anyone when is the best time to shop for maternity bras? Where do you get good ones at reasonable price if your pre-pregnancy cup size was DD or larger? How about your preferred brand?

Baby movements: lil girl is making her presence known very frequently now by kicking and moving around. My husband loves feeling her movements and talks to her through my belly.

Symptoms: My backaches are better now thank Goodness! I feel slightly hot and light headed some days but then again I was never a summer fan and the pregnancy hasn't helped. What's been rough it's the cold I caught and since I cannot take meds, getting better is a slow process. I've been relying on ginger and lemon tea with honey and a tone of liquid intake.

Cravings: Still mostly craving healthy stuff. I'm loving anything close to my roots (read: Mediterranean food). Had the most awesome Persian lamb kabob yesterday and eat greek yogurt with every meal.

Mood: Since we found out the baby gender, the only things too look forward to are the baby shower and the actual delivery. I'm in full on planing mood now and ticking items off my baby checklist.

Accomplished these last few weeks:
- Nursery is well under way :D It has been painted and my sister did the wall murals (we're doing an owl theme). Here are some picture of the progress:



- Have purchased her crib, drawer set/changing table and bassinet. Also got more clothes and some small ends and pieces :)
- Registered for prenatal aquafitness classes which are starting today.
- My mom and sisters have sent out my shower invites which is on June 24th. We have also completed the registry.
- Found a paediatrician for our lil shrub.
- Have figured out all my maternity pay/paperwork and completed what could be sent out now. 

To do for the next few weeks:
- Starting mid-June, my prenatal appointments will occur on a biweekly basis. I'm still figuring out my birth plan. I will be open minded about this whole thing but still want to stay away from medical intervention of any kind.
- get the house cleaned from top to bottom. Need to book the cleaning company.
- purchase glider, carpet, curtain and the mattress for the baby room. 
- research mommy and baby classes in nearby rec and community centres. Our neighbour who we're good friends with had a baby this time last year so she'll be a great resource :)

Hope you enjoyed thus post! What do you think of my lil owls? :D

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