May 2, 2012

Hi beauties! Another couple of weeks have gone by so thought I do another pregnancy/motherhood update. First things first, here's my almost 23 weeks pregnant bump from this past Friday in Mexico:

23 weeks

Baby Gender: Girl!!!

Total weeks Pregnant : 23 weeks, one day. More than half way there.

Total weight gained: 6lbs as of now. Damn looking at my pic, my usually big boobs are definitely looking tiny compared to my big belly, lol! I still feel great about my body though. No stretch marks and the bump is looking cute. I also still fit into 85% of my clothes :D

Baby movements: I felt her move for the first time last week when we were on our way to the airport to fly to Mexico!! How awesome is that? Since then I feel her flip and kick a couple of times a day.

Symptoms: backache is still a problem after I sit for more than 3 hours. I booked a prenatal massage for early next week to help relieve it. I also have this annoying pain right under my right breast. Anyone had this when they were pregnant?

Cravings: I need my chocolate ice cream every night at around 8. I also been making myself a lot of fruit salads, smoothies and parfaits.

Mood: great! Feeling the baby move is wonderful. I'm still not super connected to her though, I feel like I'm treating her like a project :( I know things will be change when she's born though. I cried when I felt her move for the first time, hubby thought it was cute.

Accomplished these last few weeks:
- Nursery colours and themes are picked.
- We have a first name for our baby girl! Still deciding on middle name though
- Started baby registry. This will take a while to complete.
- I registered for prenatal classes for July
- Have decided on crib and stroller we want. Will pick them up when the nursery is painted.

To do for the next few weeks:
- Ugh I have the dreaded glucose test next week. Any of you guys done it? Was it as bad as they say it is?
- Pick the paint swatches, buy paint and start painting. Room to be done and ready for furnishing by mid May.
- Get my maternity papers signed off by doctor and HR. I'm seeing my family doctor this week for this.
- Book maternity professional photoshoot. One of my friends who's a professional photographer has kindly offered to do this for us. He did my boudoir shots 5 years ago (which was my wedding gift to my husband).
- Start looking for a paediatrician. Never too early for this, who knows how long it'll take....

Alright I think that's it! Hope you guys enjoy your hump day. 

7 Responses to "Road to Motherhood - Update #2"

  1. Chester Says:

    You look awesome! :)

  2. Sue Says:

    Aww! ;)

  3. Laura @ Sawan-Heaven Says:

    You look so cute! I didn't have a bump until about 28 weeks. People probably just though I was putting on the pounds. :o(
    The glucose test wasn't that bad for me, and I passed it by a lot. So I didnt have to take the second one, but quite a few of my same month mamas from the bump failed and said the second one they had to do was gross.

  4. Tina Says:

    Awww mama! Keep us posted. I want to know everything so I can know what to expect when I am expecting too. And ur bump is too cute. I hope u never get stretch marks.

    Hahahaa at the tiny boobs to belly ratio....u r right tho....those mega jugs are looking like mugs now :D (that means mine will look like pimples) LOL!

  5. Jennifer Says:

    aww <3

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I can't wait to know her name.

  7. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Chester - thanks hun :)

    Sue - <3

    Laura - thank you! I'm happy mine finally popped. I guess I'm freaking out on the GD test over nothing. Hopefully I'll pass the first time.

    Tina - thanks love, I still have time for stretch mark, but fingers crossed! I know this boob situation is funny. Never before have I worried about my boobs looking small :D

    Jennifer - <3

    Anon - I can't wait till we decide on a middle name so we have a full name :)

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