February 4, 2013

Sofia is 5 months old already! This past month she has learned to do so much I almost feel like she's a different baby, lol! She also went from being a carbon copy of my husband to looking a little bit like both of us :D

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 Baby stats: Sofia is 5 months and 1 week old. She weighs 18 lbs as of Friday. She's in the 90 percentile and growing more chubby everday.

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2. Eat: Sofia is still breastfed but my paediatrician advised starting solids as she seems ready for it. We just gave her some mashed up banana a couple of days ago and despite making funny faces, she seems to enjoy it. She learned to take the spoonful quickly and excitedly waiting for the next. We's planing on introducing avocados next. All mamas reading this, do you have any tips regarding solids?

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3. Health: healthy as an ox! She's still teething so she has red cheeks and is very drooly but there are no teeth in sight. 

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4. Sleep/Nap: naps are still good, she naps around 3-4 hours during the day in 1-2 hour increments. Sleep is random though. She always goes to sleep at 7 pm with no fuss and self soothes. Most of the week she'll wakeup at around 12 for a feed and goes back down till around 7 am. Once a week or so she sleeps through till around 5 am but then wants to be up for the day :/ I'm planing on waiting for her to figure out her own sleep pattern until we're back from our trip in March. 

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5. Milestones: 
- Sofia is very talkative. She's found her screaming voice and uses it when she's excited.
- She can sit for a couple of minutes now.
- She can imitate behaviours and sounds; it's the cutest thing to watch. 
- She has much more control over her arm movements. She grabs objects with more purpose
- She still loves tummy time. She moves from side to side but cannot crawl yet.
- She has earned to flip book pages as daddy reads her bedtime stories.

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6. How I'm doing: 
- Sleep is all over the place. I've been better this week though.
- I'm now 3 lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight and actually excited about working out. I do bootcamp and group high intensity workout as well as DVD exercise at home.
- Love activities with my baby, especially love Salsa Baby :)
- Getting better at leaving home without bebe and not feeling guilty. Actually planing on going out with the girls this Friday night for my birthday.

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Hope you guys enjoyed this update. Will post more baby stats in a month :)

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