12:04 PM

I'm on a roll today with the FOTD's! So here's a look I did a few hours ago. My eyebrows are badly in need of shaping :( but try to see past that. I took the pics in my car and the sun was blazing so it washed the colours a lil bit. Ok, enough rambling:

Same as usual
MAC Eversun bpb
BB Gold Shimmer Brick

MAC Bare Canvas paint
NYX Sky Blue Jumbo Pencil
MAC Tilt e/s
MAC Amber Lights e/s
MAC Embark e/s
MAC Solar White e/s
Lise Watier Black Gold e/l
CG mascara

Dior Ultra Addict l/s in 612

4 Responses to "Tilt"

  1. Shayla Says:

    haha, i think it's cute how you take pics in your car fairly frequently. is that where you keep your camera?

  2. Tammy M Says:

    Love it!!! I can't take pics in my car...then you would see how messy my car is LOL

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Shayla, I'm always rushed in the morning so I take my camera with me and take pics when I hit red lights on my way to work :/ My camera is always in my purse.
    lol, Tammy, my car is very messy as well, I just keep all the junk in the trunk so you can see it :D

  4. Tammy M Says:

    I think Emote Blush would work for you since it is a very neutral matte taupeish color blush. I may try and find some more at my local CCO....

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