I've been having a lil bit of a rough week. First the stupid burn I got and after that, I caught the flue. I spent the entire yesterday in bed with all the annoying signes of cold; earache, headache, sore throat....:(

But I'm a little bit better today so I decided to do a review of my beloved Mehron Palette. I got the Tropical Palette from a stage makeup/clown store here in Ottawa. I start with the swatches:
top to bottom: dark blue, red, yellow and grass green

Top to bottom: lime green, gray (i don't know why this photographed blue :/), deep purple and a salmon colour.

I'm in love! Thes colours are all water activated and I've been using my fingers (wet) to apply them to my lid as a base for my eyeshadows and pigments. There is a tiny brush provided in the palette but I haven't used it yet. These colours definitely make your eyeshadows pop! I'm in love with the purple, red and the two greens. One advice I would give is to definitely let these dry once you applied them before packing on the eyeshadow/pigment. If they dry properly, they make an awesome base for even the dullest colours and do not crease (well, at least not on me). The one thing you want to be careful is not to wear these if it's raining outside. The same way they're activated with water, they're also de-activated with water and will start to run.

I'm extremly hppy with these though. The palette was about $45 Canadian which will make each colour about $7. I think this is an awesome price compared to MAC coloured bases (paints, paint pots, shade sticks). I still love my MAC but the Mehron Palettes are great products for those who love colour as they come in a great rainbow of shades. I'm already thinking about getting the Pastel palette as well :)

3 Responses to "Mehron Tropical Palette Review/swatch"

  1. Shayla Says:

    Oh wow, these are neat! There's a clown makeup store in Ottawa? I wish Edmonton had stuff like that here...we're a "big city" but we seem to get skipped over for the really neat stuff.

    Would you ever do a look with *just* the Mehron colors?

  2. Beda Says:

    I think I first heard about Mehron from Jude Rivera on YouTube. It seems it has a good reputation, many people have give Mehron great review. Thanks for the review, I'm curious now lol.

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Beda, Jude was the one who convinced me to get this too (I mean her videos were). Shayla, I was surprised to hear that there is a clown store in Ottawa too!! I'm on a no buy till x-mas but after that, I will def pick up the pastel palette as well :)

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