July 15, 2010

Happy Thursday everyone! I did some shopping this past weekend and this week and bought exactly what i'd gone to the mall for and nothing more. I think I have much more luck with shopping when I'm on my own.

I'm usually a very "people" oriented kinda girl; I enjoy working with others, I'm always in the middle of 10 conversations,.... But when it comes to shopping, I can think better when I do it alone. I read in few magazines that it's better to go with friends and rely on their opinion. I definitely don't agree with that. I trust myself best with what looks best and what's already in my closet than anyone else. if I go shopping with friends, I end up buying nothing, lol! Coz I always feel a bit forced.

How about you guys? Do you tend to shop with friends or solo?

5 Responses to "Thursday Poll - do you shop alone or with friend?"

  1. Arezu Says:

    I shop with my sister! When I shop alone I end up buying stuff I don't really need, and when I shop with friends I get bored and I feel bad if I spend a long time in a paticular store that they're not interested in.

    With my sister, she knows if I'll actually wear something or not, and I trust her opinion over others because she's usually right. She also doesn't mind if I spend half an hour in MAC or Sephora or another store, as long as she gets to shop too (which I pay for) but it all works out! :P

  2. Jen Says:

    i like both!! depending on which friend, sometimes we like different things and shop at different stores so it may not be as fun. if it's clothing, i like going with a friend to get their opinion.

  3. candoo Says:

    I honestly prefer to do my beauty shopping on my own. Because you get to look at what you want at your own pace and not worry about how much time is passing

  4. Amina Says:

    I hate shopping so for me it has be to be alone!!

  5. Amina Says:

    I forgot to say now for make up, I go crazy so I'd rather do it alone that way I don't feel pressured and I don't feel that i am being judged if i spend xyz

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