September 6, 2010

I received a set of the Cargo Swimmable Eyeliners from the lovely Joy at Makeup Junkie as a contest prize. I have fallen absolutely in love with these eyeliners. I have read about them in InStyle I believe but forgot about them until I received the products and was able to test them myself.


The eyeliners come in a set of 5 gorgeous and bright shades: There's a bright medium blue that looks like MAC Freshwater in pencil form, A blackened teal shade, a gorgeous aqua shade, a light minty green and a lilac purple shade. Here's a swatch of them:


All shades glide on like a dream; these are seriously some of the softest pencils I've ever tried. They are even smoother than Urban Decay's 24/7 liners and are intensely pigmented with the exception of the lilac shade that's a bit lighter than others. Once these liners set, there is no budging them. And I mean it, I took a napkin and tried to wipe them out but no success. You will need an oil based makeup remover.

The durability of these pencils is what makes them unique. I wore the aqua shade while on the lake and swam and bathed with it all day and by night it was still on my lid like new. The cargo liners are one of my fave summer products. I really wish I had discovered them earlier, but there are other summers coming!

Have you guys tried Cargo Swimmable? What are some of your fave Cargo products?

3 Responses to "End of Summer Cheer - Cargo Swimmable Eyeliner Set"

  1. Lauren Baker Says:

    Those are so pretty! How much are they and where can you find them?

  2. Make-up Junkie Says:

    great write-up! so glad you love the liners! CARGO makeup is awesome

  3. Nepenthe Says:

    These look absolutely gorgeous. Where can I find Cargo in Canada?

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