January 25, 2011

Hey guys! I went back and forth between a chocolate brown and a more red brown based on the results of the poll I had going on here. I finally settled for more red toned hair. I have natural red undertones to my skin so I figured I go with the redder shades for now. The red tones also bring out my eyes it seems. I also got some bangs, yey! I love having bangs in the winter and usually cut them around this time of the year.

Here are some pictures of the new do. I wish I had the patience to straighten my own hair, but sadly I don't. I do love them straight though:



12 Responses to "New and Redder Hair"

  1. The Dollymix Diaries Says:

    Saadeh you look absolutely gorgeous! Loving the new hair :) xx

  2. Cocolicouss Says:

    omg I love it looks gorgeous the color is so pretty and the bangs look to nice :)

  3. Rai Says:


  4. Shayla Says:

    Sexy ;)

  5. Maria Says:

    Your hair looks beautiful! :)

  6. Amina Says:

    goooorgeous!!!! I love love love love love the hair!! That color is amazing on you

  7. Sue Says:

    so pretty!!

  8. Arezu Says:

    I love the red on you! I have to agree, it definitely does change your your eyes!

  9. Shadowy Lady Says:

    thanks everyone! This was a good change for me. I got a tone of compliments in the office too :)

  10. Jennifer Leigh Says:

    You look even more gorgeous than usual! Love the change!

  11. Straight Up Glam Says:

    I love it! The color and the bangs look fabulous on you!

    Andrée xx

  12. Shadowy Lady Says:

    you guys are too sweet, I'm so happy you all like the new hair <3

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