April 4, 2011

Hey lovelies! Hope you all had a great weekend. I got a buncha errands done and also went out to celebrate my P.Eng stamp finally (one month late, lol) with hubby on Saturday night. For the first blog post of this week, I'm giving you another tour of my makeup stash. This time we will look at my Chanel stuff. My first Chanel purchase ever was a glossimer 3 years ago and I've been slowly building my collection since.

1. Lip Products:

You know I'm a lipstick junkie anyway and no one does lips like Chanel!

Rouge Allure Lipsticks - I adore the rouge allure formula as it is opaque and very long lasting. Some are cream finish and others have more of a sheen. Either way Chanel offers a great selection of shades and there's something for everyone:

Left to right: Precious (amazing berry red), Vertige (coral red, perfect for this time of the year), Super (bright summer fuchsia) and Genial (the BEST neon pinky coral hands down, I literally lived in this shade last summer)

Rouge Allure Laque Lipsticks - so take everything I said about rouge allure and make it 10 times better! Rouge Allure laques are long lasting liquid lipsticks. They are also the only long lasting lip products in the market that are not drying; they feel satiny on lips. I will eventually collect them all, that's how much I love these. I really wish Chanel made more shades.

Left to right: Imperial (lovely rusty coral, very unique), Dragon (if you wanted ONE red lipstick, get this one), Coromandel (fiery orange red - this is very bold on me and I love it), Phoenix (lovely strawberry pink, one of my most worn Chanels)

Rouge Coco Lipsticks - These lipsticks are not as long lasting as the previous two, but they do wear a good 4 hours on my lips. They are also a bit sheerer. Rouge Coco was created to re-introduce women to lipsticks. I was already well acquainted with lipsticks obviously but I still love the Rouge Coco's.

Left to right: Rouge Noir (the classic vamp in new formula, my most beloved dark lipstick), Cambon (pink red - if I were to keep ONE lipstick in my stash, this would be it), Orchidee (lovely light coral), Teheran (amazing light pink coral, this is a bit frostier)

Lipglosses - So most of these are my glossimers. I adore glossimers as they have very unique reflecting quality. They are the more luxe and grownup version of MAC dazzleglasses, last quite a bit longer and photograph amazing! I also have one Rouge Allure Laque Extrait de Gloss. This formula is very creamy but not as long lasting. I like the shade I have but I prefer the glossimers.

Left to right: Meteor (rose copperwith multi-reflects), Pleasing (nude with gold reflects), Venus (amazing coral red), Jupiter (my go-to gloss for pinky coral lipsticks), Pink Teaser (my all time fave pink lipgloss) and Emoi (gorgeous watermelon pink)

2. Face Products:

I don't really own many Chanel face products but absolutely love what I do have. Vitalumiere Aqua in B20 is my current HG foundation (see my review here), the Poudre Universelle (in Peche) is finely milled and great for touch ups. I adore my Plum Attraction Joues Contrast blush is the best plum blush in the market and goes well with my vampy lip looks.

Plum Attraction blush, Vitalumiere Aqua (B20), Poudre Universelle (Peche)

3. Eye Products:

Again I only have a few items in this category. Ombre Perlees quint is my current most favourite makeup item though. I use this palette pretty much every other day. The shade have a slight cream finish to them and dry very pearly. It's the most unique finish eyeshadow I ever tried and absolutely love it. Too bad this palette was a Spring 2011 LE item. Cassis eyeliner is a lovely dark red toned purple and holds very well without base on upper and lower lashline. I'm almost out of this one. Inimitable Intense mascara is great for holding volume and I love this shade, Rouge Noir, which is a burgundy and makes my my hazel eyes pop.

Cassis, Ombre Perlees and Inimitable Intense mascara

4. Nail Polishes

I only have two Chanel nail polishes but both are very unique shades with fabulous finish. Paradoxal was released last fall and is a darkened gray purple. Absolute HG in my book as I adore dark polishes. Black Pearl was released this spring and is a pearly blackened blue green. Another unique shade, I'm wearing it right now actually!

Paradoxal and Black Pearl nail polishes

Do you guys own any of these products? What are some of your favourite Chanel makeup items?

10 Responses to "My Makeup Stash - Chanel Collection"

  1. makeupattitude Says:

    Nice haul!My first chanel product was a lipstick Rouge Hydrabase called "Shanghai Red" no78 and it's my favourite red lipstick.Amazingly pigmented (when I wear it my lips look like they're photoshoped lol) and long lasting.It worths every penny :))

  2. Tina Says:

    Viva Chanel! Chanel is one of those luxe staples. Ahhhh! But alas I only have 2 of the Rouge Allure Laques. I want to try their foundations soon tho but I'm holding out. Thanks for sharing ur stash my luv.

  3. Amina Says:

    Beautiful collection!! I don't have any chanel yet but I am bookmarking your post for references. Thank you for sharing :)

  4. Zerin (XinaRox) Says:

    Great Collection!!! A very expensive post!....Love it!

  5. Yami Says:

    Wow! you have a lovely chanel collection!

  6. Straight Up Glam Says:

    You have a great collection of Chanel products!! I have alot of the same products as you and I love them! My Chanel wishlist is on-going, especially after seeing what's coming up for Summer! =P

  7. The Dollymix Diaries Says:

    Amazing collection Saadeh! I unfortunately don't own any Chanel make up but I would like to try something from their line soon!


  8. Ricquetta Says:

    Great Post! I own only two Chanel items. A palette and the Commondrel Liquid Lippie :D

    Loves your blog!

  9. Shadowy Lady Says:

    MakeupAttitude - oh that sounds like a great shade. Do u know if it's still available?

    Tina - RAL's are their products I think, well except for the Vitalumiere Aqua ;) I haven't tried all their foundations but this one is love .

    Amina - woohoo, i see u on the dark and luxe Chanel side ;)

    Zerin - hahah, thanks darlin :)

    Yami - thank u :)

    Andree - yey Chanel twins! I always drool over ur Chanel hauls and add stuff to my wishlist. U're the devil :D

    Nora - thanks love. I recommend starting with their lipsticks, especially Rouge Allure and Rouge Allure Laque

  10. makeupattitude Says:

    Well I think you can find it online (Amazon for instance).I live in Greece and have no idea If it's being sold in other countries...

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