August 11, 2011

4 years ago this exact day, I married my best friend. The most patient man I've ever known and the only one who ever really understands me. The one who stands by me during my highest and lowest and the one who inspires me to be the best version of myself without ever questioning me.

We've been married 4 years and together almost 9 and it has not been a day that he hasn't smiled when he sees me.

us at our wedding 11/08/2007

7 Responses to "Happy 4th Anniversary to My Love"

  1. Laura @ Sawan-Heaven Says:

    Happy Anniversary you two!! Your story is just like mine! We've been together for over 11 years, and our 4 year wedding anniversary was May 19th. There aren't many like you and your hubby around.

    I wish you two the very best. Don't just live together, live your lives together!

  2. Clara L. Says:

    Congrats girlie!!! To many happy years ahead of you! <3

  3. Ev Says:

    awww congrats girly!

  4. Andrea Says:

    Happy anniversary. Wishing you all the best

  5. Bedalyz Says:

    Beautiful post. Happy Anniversary!

  6. Tamara Says:

    You are a stunning couple & the energy between you is amazing. It's inspiring to see.

    Happy belated anniversary. All the best! <3

  7. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Laura - awww, twins! Hope u guys have many more years of happiness too :)

    Clara - thanks love

    Ev - thanks sweetie

    Andrea - thank u so much hun

    Beda - thanks love, long time ;)

    Tamara - thank u, u are too sweet

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