February 7, 2012

Hey beauties! For once in my life, I actually was randomly at Trade Secret when they had got a new nail polish collection. The collection was Zoya's Spring 2012, True and Fleck Effects. I'm not a fan of flakies unlike other nail polish lovers out there but the True part of the collection was beautiful. I'm an a super strict beauty buy so I only picked out two shades that stood out the most; one of them being "Skylar".


Skylar is a beautiful and opaque blue gray shade. What I love about it is the tiny gold and pink glitters that really set it apart from all my other blue polishes. It's such a gorgeous shade and should suite most skintones. Skylar was easy to apply and opaque in 2 coats. Zoya polishes last over a week on me without chipping (and I don't use top coat, too lazy).

Have you guys picked up and nail polishes recently? What are some of your fave Zoya shades?

2 Responses to "NOTD - Zoya Skylar"

  1. MSLXIONG Says:

    This is a very pretty color! I think I might have to go and purchase it! Please come check out my blog and hopefully you will subscribe to me as I have done the same! Thank you!

    Love, Lee

  2. BBella Says:

    Heey, I love this colour. I followed you as I really love your blog, you can follow me back if you want :)


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