May 14, 2012

Hey beauties! I love wearing neon polishes in the summer. Each year I grab a few of the latest neon releases and rock them on as long as my summer tan lasts.

I happened to pass by a Chatters Salon here in Ottawa and noticed they already had the China Glaze summer (neons) collection in. I was surprised coz I haven't seen any reviews of these polishes so I assumed they are not out yet.

They were even sold out of at least half of the shades. I bought three that were most unique to my collection:



Pink Plumeria is a warm pink, it's kinda in between peach and pink. Bold and sophisticated.
I'm with the Lifeguard is a neon grass green, soooo gorgeous under the sun!
Sun-kissed is a highlighter yellow. I'm planing on rocking this one on my toes.

I chose I'm with Lifeguard as the first one to wear. I took a quick picture of it before heading out so my apologies for the messy cuticles. The formula was great and only needed two medium coats:


Will you be grabbing any neon polishes this summer?

6 Responses to "China Glaze Neons Summer 2012 Haul"

  1. His Little Lady Says:

    absolutely loving these neon colors!! might just have to give them a try! :)
    xo TJ

  2. Alma Says:

    lol so bright! Those polishes remind me of the american apparel neon line. cute!

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    His Little Lady - I thought the formula was great too, which is not always true for neons. You will enjoy them :)

    Alma - I have a few of AA polishes but non of their neons. What's their neons formula like?

  4. Mandy Says:

    Wow, that is a bright green :-) I would love to see how Pink Plumeria looks when applied!

  5. Dale JaneƩ Says:

    I just found your blog and I love neon colors and just started wearing China Glaze a lot. They are really good quality.


  6. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Mandy - it's blinding bright, lol! I'm gonna wear Pink Plumeria this weekend and shall post swatch for your :)

    Dale Janee - agreed! Neons can be tricky but my experience with these has been positive

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