January 4, 2012

I saw a display of Nicole for OPI Modern Family collection at my local Shoppers and decided to grab a couple of shades. I must add that they were pretty much out of most shades and it's not like I "need" any more nail polishes. But the ones I did pick were too cute and hard to resist:



I bought Back in my Gloria Days and Haley Good Lookin'. The Gloria polish is a nice glowing purple with pink shimmer and the Haley shade is a densely packed warm pink glitter. There are also some larger glitter bits in there. You can use this as a top coat or do three coats with no base like I did here:



My experience with Nicole brand is very limited but these two had great formula. The polish flowed easily and applied evenly. I actually managed to keep the same mani for 3 full days which is rare for me :)

Have you purchased any of the Modern Family polishes? What are some of your fave Nicole shades?

4 Responses to "On My Nails - Nicole for OPI Modern Family"

  1. Stadtwaldvogel Says:

    I ordered "She's Lily Something and "Back in my Gloria days" - this looks great on your nails.

  2. Clara L. Says:

    Looooove these colors! I just hate 'splurging' for these at $7-8 US when I can get actual OPI for $4 :/

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Stadtwaldvogel - thank you! I wanted the Lily shade too but they were sold out :(

    Clara - I know what you mean. The price is the reason why I never buy Nicole and I also prefer OPI brush to these ones. The Nicole polishes are $10CAD...uggggh! Everything is more expensive in Canada...

  4. Sue Says:

    so pretty!

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