June 4, 2013

I will share a secret with you guys; I used to be terrified of the colour orange. I literally didn't own anything in that shade though I'm not colour shy. Only last year did I finally warm up to this warm hue. I found that it actually really helped brighten up my complexion in the summer months.

I don't feel that I should always be wearing full on orange lips though. There are subtler and bolder takes on the trend. Today I will show you my top five orange toned lip products:

lipsticks photo c31e3d42-2940-4ea2-aede-40496641a176_zpsea78b7f4.jpg

swatch photo 5ba4b604-4093-4bc4-a273-44d5969ab601_zps2c70ba3e.jpg
From left to right: Nars Montego Bay pure matte lipstick, Lancome Miss Coquelicot Rouge in Love, MAC Morange Lipstick, Nars Heat Wave Lipstick

Nars Montego Bay (peach) - the subtlest way to orange is a light peach shade. This shade has enough warmth in it to participate in the orange trend in my opinion. I like the texture of Nars pure matte lipsticks as they are not drying. This shade will look gorgeous with a coral lipgloss on top:

peach1 photo c5d9f03d-c9e0-4965-bdbe-36f716d5ca90_zps1bfb6bd9.jpg

Peach2 photo 9701a681-62f3-48fa-b524-bb713aa0f71c_zps5bfee54d.jpg

Lancome Miss Coquelicot (tangerine) - tangerine is a great popping shade of orange that suits all complexions. The Rouge in Love formula is hydrating and feels great on the lips especially in the summer. If you are new to orange, start here :)

tangerine1 photo 4a9f3c57-e68d-4a97-b167-03fbcc8e2f4e_zpsf4682b7e.jpg

tangerine2 photo 608575d9-904f-4d08-8652-6197df6afd23_zps350df87f.jpg

MAC Morange (bright true orange) - this is as orange as I could personally go. Morange still has some red tones to it which made it very wearable. I have tried more yellow oranges and they clash with my colouring. Morange makes a great statement lip and the amplified formula is very long lasting.

orange1 photo aa127a75-f255-4aca-8265-9ea8fc4b6b92_zpsfa859f25.jpg

orange2 photo f116454f-d9a3-4e2f-a646-95fb95672f8b_zps955747e4.jpg

Nars Heat Wave (bright red orange) - aaaaah this is my all time fave warm red lipstick. Heat Wave is gorgeous in all seasons and works well with a cat eye or smokey eye. I adore Nars lipsticks as they're the only ones I find survive extreme heat/humidity and are melt-proof.

red1 photo 80ae7e92-f7a3-4432-8c11-0bd44a648df6_zps9061f631.jpg

red2 photo 7fc46b2a-14e3-46e4-b599-3e5b22e48c2f_zps27e8d7b7.jpg

In all pictures, I'm wearing a thin layer of Nars tinted moisturizer in Alaska and blush in Deep Throat. On my eyes I have a blue eyeliner by Gosh and Maybelline Colossal mascara. Orange lips are actually very versatile though. You can wear them with grey smokey eyes for a tonal contrast or with warm brown shades for complimentary effect.

Are you a fan of orange lips? What are some of your favourite orange lip products?

9 Responses to "Many Ways to Wear Orange Lips This Summer"

  1. morelikespace Says:

    Hard to believe you were nervous of wearing orange- these all suit you so well! Of course, I have a weakness for the last one, since it's brighter and redder...

  2. Chantel Says:

    Pretty lipsticks. I love the color orange.

  3. kellyyes Says:

    I used to be so afraid of orange too! But I am a little obsessed with it now, especially when it comes to red oranges. Nars Heat Wave is a favorite of mine :)

  4. grlcreative.com.mx Says:

    Hey dear I really like your blog! What about following each other on bloglovin and Google + ? ...just let me know :3 <3



  5. Savannah Says:

    Nars Heat Wave is GORGEOUS! You really work the orange lippies!


  6. Unknown Says:

    I'm definitely loving the orange trend .. Oranges, corals, peach! Love this shade!

  7. Kelsey Bang Says:

    i love the orange lipstick trend! you did a good job with it!

  8. Batul Fazal Says:

    All the shades look so lovely on you!


  9. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Kate - I know! Orange always seemed so loud. I still won't wear it as a top/dress though. I have tried and it makes me look too red :/

    Chantel - thank you <3

    Kellyyes - Heat Wave is one of my fave lipsticks period :)

    Irene - thank you so much :)

    Svannah - thank you hun. Orange is great for the summer

    Evelyn - I'm glad to hear more ladies are orange wearer. It's such a happy shade :)

    Kelsey - thank you :) from ur avie I think orange will look amazing on ur complexion too

    Batul - thanks lovely :)

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