September 25, 2009

I just can't get enough of Style black! I posted my haul No.1 from the Pro Store early launch here. I went back yesterday evening to pick up some more stuff as I had more B2M's and also wanted to check out the new Dazzleglasse cremes. I had totally forgotten about them when I went to the pro store, lol! I also hit up Shoppers after and picked up a Lise Watier glitter liner.

Here's the picture of everything together:

I ended up getting the greasepaint stick and Cinderfella from Style Black.
The greasepaint stick is a new product that's kinda like shadesticks, except much creamier. I'm planing on using this as a base for my smokey eye looks. Right now I just use a black gel liner (Blacktrack). I think the GPS is much creamier and it probably will be easier to use. It's pretty much a black colour with tiny amount of shimmer and hints of purple in it. The MA that was helping said that the GPS is great as base on the lid but not so great on its own, especially on the lower lashline as it might smudge if not layered with eyeshadows. This product looks especially great under the new MES, just yummy.
Cinderfella MES was the other MES on my list and I'm happy I got it. It's a black base packed with silver shimmer. This MES and Young Punk are the two prettiest IMO and I would definitely recommend them. Just make sure to use a good base (paint pots or anything creamy is your best bet as opposed to UDPP) and to eliminate fallout use them with mixing medium. Just one drop on the brush is sufficient.

I also checked out the new dazzleglasses and was pretty pleased with the selection. The new dazzleglasses are called dazzleglass cremes but not because they have no sparkle. Actually quite a few of these are as sparkly as the original dazzleglasses. I found at least 5 of them to be much more pigmented than the dazzleglasses. I picked up:
Amorous (dark rich red) which I imagine will looks great over vampy lipsticks such as So Scarlet or Night Violet and Kirsch. It is pigmented to wear on its own too though. This one I found was the most sparkly of the bunch.
I also picked up My Favourite Pink which is gorgeous light barbie pink. This will look great over most of my lipsticks since they are mostly either pink or nude pink, lol! This one "can" be worn on its own if you wear two layers but I think it's best over lipsticks. It has tiny silver-ish sparkles and is super pretty.

I also picked up Night Magic glitter liner by Lise Watier from SDM. I've become such a glitter addict, lol! This one is a gorgeous royal blue glitter and I'm dying to wear it over a blue eyeshadow on my lower lashline, probably will soon do that.

Here's the swatch of everything:
Left to right: Amorous, My Favourite Pink, Night Magic, Cinderfella (no base), Cinderfella (over GPS)

And some lip swatches, they're not the best coz it was kinda dark by the time I got home. Hopefully they're still helpful:

My Favourite Pink


5 Responses to "More Style Black + Dazzleglasse Cremes and Glitters"

  1. gildedangel Says:

    Great haul! I am going to go get my Style Black stuff tomorrow, I am so excited!!!

  2. Lipstick Rules Says:

    Great haul!

    I picked up Amorous, Do It Up and another Dazzleglass creme. Love the formula!!

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Gildedangel - thanks, what are you picking up?

    Michelle - I know I love these too, especially Amorous

  4. Shayla Says:

    I got Amorous, too! I want to layer it over a black lipstick...

  5. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Shayla - that will look amazing! Post a pic when you do it

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