September 29, 2009

I logged in this morning and noticed that I now have 50 followers! I know this is not a big number compared to other bloggers out there but I'm still so incredibly grateful. Thank you all for taking time out of your days to check out my rambling and hope that you enjoy what I do. In the meanwhile I try to be more creative and add more to the contents of this blog.

We're having a very rainy week here in Ottawa. It's been raining since Sunday and it will continue till Saturday night :( Hence I take my pictures in the bathroom with the flash on. They don't always turn out the best this way but you gotta try. I did this warm combo with various pigments today and like the result, except somehow they make my eyebrows appear lighter than they are. I don't always fill in my brows as they are quite full as it is but maybe I should have today.

MUFE Duo Matte 205
Nars Deep Throat blush

Artifact p/p - base
Melon p/m - inner 1/3 lid
Rose p/m - mid 1/3 lid
Smoke Signal p/m - outer 1/3 lid and lower lashline
Creme de Miel e/s - highlight
Lise Watier Noir Intense e/l - to line

Blankety l/s
Underage l/g



4 Responses to "Rose and Smoke Signal"

  1. Zerin Says:

    Gorgeous look and congrats!

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Thanks Zerin :) I realized I've done a similar look to this as soon as I posted it, lol!

  3. Bedalyz Says:

    I love the colors, they look amazing combined with your eyes and skintone. You did a great work blending them! Really pretty. I got some Lorac e/s the other day, similar to these and you just gave me the inspirtation for a look. <3

  4. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Thanks Beda :) How are Lorac e/s? I've never tried the brand before...

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