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September 23, 2009

Sexy Divide is definitely up there as my top purple nail polish (it ties with Color Club Electronica and OPI Louvre Me Louvre me Not). It's a very dark purple and came out I believe in fall 2008. I actually have quite a few Essies from fall 2008 collection and love them all. They need to do more edgy colours like this.

On the other hand, right now that I look at my nail pictures I'm not happy with the condition of my fingers; they look so freakin dry. I need to use my Lush cuticle cream more. I so envy bloggers like Scrangie and their prefct nails :/ Though I'm very happy with the shape and lenght of my fingers and nails, I don't like how dry they get, especially from September till the end of winter.

Anyway, enough rambling about, here's 2 coats Sexy Divide on my nails:

sexy divide\

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