January 12, 2011

Continuing on the week of giving my new eyes a break and not wearing eye makeup, I decided to start showing you my makeup collection. I've had a few requests from readers who wanted to see my stash and I think photographing it has shown me that I have TOO MUCH STUFF! And hopefully help me achieve my makeup no-buy which is supposed to last till March.

I will start this series with my favourite makeup brand, Nars Cosmetics. I was introduced to Nars in 2007 when I purchased Deep Throat blush and have not been able to look back. Nars is a pricier brand than say MAC but I have faith in their products as everything I've purchased has excelled in performance in my book. If you have any questions or need any specific Nars recommendation, ask away. I will be happy to help :)

1. Face Products:

I adore Nars foundations and especially the sheer glow formula which I use on a daily basis. This product is best applied with fingers and gives an amazing finish.

Nars foundations: Sheer Glow in Santa Fe and Sheer Matte in Fiji (both great match for NW25 skintones)

Nars Laguna is the best bronzer I've ever tried and I've tried plenty. I wear bronzers most of the time and Laguna is subtle enough in the winter yet shows up amazing with my summer tan.
Laguna Bronzer and Maldives Multiple. Not pictured Illuminator in Orgasm (my sister borrowed it)

Nars was made famous with their blushes. I find their blushes much more pigmented than both Chanel and MAC (which I still love, lol) and I never seem to hit the pan in them :D
Top to bottom, left to right blushes: Madly (great neutral on light to medium skintones), Deep Throat (my everyday shade), Desire (perfect doll cheeks), Sin (great fall staple), Gilda (coral awesomeness)

2. Eyeshadows:

As you can tell, I have a weakness with Nars Eyeshadow Duo's. This is where Nars is a hit and miss though. Some duo's are amazingly pigmented and some not so much. I always swatch them and read reviews before buying. They can be used dry or wet and you get a tone of product for the price.
Top to bottom, left to right: Eurydice (OMG at that plum), Star Sailor, Rajasthan, Cordura (best neutral duo ever made), Jolie Poupee, Scorching Sun (great summer shades), Pandora (smokey eyes in mins), South Pacific, Habanera (the mint is amazing), Bali single (my fave taupe shade)

3. Lip Products:

Nars offers lipsticks in matte, semi matte and sheer formula and I love all three categories. Their matte lipsticks don't read too drying on my lips. I also highly encourage you to check out the matte velvet pencils. They're matte but feel satiny on and very long lasting. I like their lipglosses as they're not sticky. I need to get more (after March, lol!)
Left to right: Roman Holiday, Niagara (looooove), Afghan Girl, Heat Wave (awesome orange red), Schiap (best hot pink), Sex Machine mvp (delish neutral pink), Damned (vampy lover must), Dragon Girl (a better version of MAC Ruby Woo), Risky Business (great neutral gloss), Babe (hot over warm reds).

Hope you enjoyed this post. What are some of your fave Nars products?

13 Responses to "My Makeup Stash - Nars Collection"

  1. BoldNBeautiful Makeup Says:

    Lovely stash!
    I don't own any Nars but after seeing your stash that may change very soon!

  2. Andee Layne Says:

    great post!!! I am going to sephora today to pick up some nars! I ran out of the regular version and have been debating the sheer glow formula! xo

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I enjoyed your post. You have to start getting some of his 6 e/s palletes to cut down on the cost of the duos, girl.


  4. Tamara Says:

    OMG.. gorgeous stash Saadeh!

    Every time I see NARS in Sephora or pass by a counter, I think of you. :]

  5. 1xellus1 Says:

    My 1st dip into their prods was experimenting w/ their powder blushes.
    Exhibit A
    LoveJoy (perfect everyday color)
    Albatross (fave highlighter)
    Enjoying their l/g as well.
    All Night Long
    Dolce Vita
    Sweet Revenge
    They last all day.
    I would love more of their l/g & a couple of their l/s.
    I only have 1 e/s in Silent Night
    Thanks so much for sharing your lovely NARS collection!

  6. Shadowy Lady Says:

    BoldNBeautiful Makeup - Nars has some great products. I would recommend starting with their blushes.

    Andee - Sheer glow is amazing. It feels like but lux. Def apply with fingers though to get it to blend well.

    Face2MAC - hi love, thanks :) I didn't know he made 6-e/s palettes. Where do u get those?

    Tamara - one of these days, I'm gonna covert u ;)

    1xellus1 - wow u have some great stuff too! I love the look of Crazed but scared of it being too bright for my complexion.

  7. sugarbumpkin Says:

    I got into NARS late last year when I received some sephora giftcards for my birthday and decided I should really go for the higher end sephora items instead of just the sale items to make the most of my giftcard. My wallet has been suffering ever since. In less than 3 months I've acquired Casino bronzer/Sin Blush duo, 4 other single blushes, 3 eyeshadow duos, and 2 multiples. NARS has by far the best blushes I've ever tried.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Wow! Great Nars collection! I need to try more of their stuff, but for now I'm still on a spending ban! lol. Thanks for stopping by my blog !

  9. Straight Up Glam Says:

    That's a nice NARS collection!

    Bali has got to be one of my all time favorite eyeshadows! The color is amazing, and the texture is totally fab! Other favorites of mine are Roman Holiday lipstick, Kalahari due eyeshadow, and Chihuahua lipgloss! I love NARS! =)

    Andrée xx

  10. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Sugarbumpkin - I def agree on the blushes. Their foundations are amazing too! So are the lip products :P

    Emily - I know so good yet so pricey :( I need to go on a ban soon too!

    StraightupGlam - I looove Bali and and Roman Holiday too. I gotta get my hands on Chihuahua l/g

  11. Sarah Says:

    I really love nars makeup. I just got the nars orgasm blush and love it! You have a great collection.

  12. The Dollymix Diaries Says:

    Beautidul NARS collection!! I only have the Maldives multiple, Laguna bronzer, Orgasm, Super Orgasm, Deep Throat and Taos blushes and 2 lipglosses :)

  13. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Sarah - Nars has amazing products. I don't actually own Orgasm though, lol! Deep Throat is perfect for me.

    Nora - which glosses do you have?

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