April 13, 2011

Hello my lovelies! I did some spring cleaning this past weekend. The process included cleaning the basement and switching my winter/fall clothes to spring/summer clothes. I also re-organized my closet in the process.

While I was on that, I thought I should also clean up my nail polish stash. I got rid of a buncha shades that I wasn't using anymore and reorganized the rest based on seasons. Yes, I'm lame and actually follow the seasons when it comes to my nails! And I have this many polishes as I do change my nail polish every single night. I never go out without nail polish, I just feel naked without it.

This is all of my fall/winter shades, all over my bed! I love my vampy shades but summer is coming and these need to go in the bottom box:

and here they are neatly organized in this box I picked up from Winners:

And here are all my spring/summer shades. Getting real excited about wearing some of these again!

I put them in the divider box on top of my fall/winter box. I switched them over every 6 months:

Both the box and the divider box on top are placed on a stool next to my vanity so they are easily accessible. I love having all my pretties nearby <3

Thank Goodness this was done and now I can find the shades I need much faster. How do you guys organize your nail polish stash?

6 Responses to "Nail Polish Re-organization"

  1. Arezu Says:

    I love how you're polishes are organized, everything looks so neat.

    And I don't think you're crazy for going by seasons!

    I can't believe you change your polish every single night! I'd love to hear about your "polish" routine. Sometimes I don't bother because doing my nails take so long.

  2. Ev Says:

    OMG my best friend has a stash like yours ... she needs to get some organizers pronto!

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Arezu - thanks :) I just change them as part of my "me" time every night. I also get bored SUPER qucik with my nails...like in a day, lol!

    Ev - hahaha, tell her she can find her bottles faster. It works for me :)

  4. Straight Up Glam Says:

    Wow you have a very nice collection of nail polishes! I love how you have them organized by season!
    My collection is in desperate need of re-organization! Right now I have them pretty much just thrown into a pretty pink bin from Dollarama, and my newer and more expensive ones are in a cute box from Winners. I'm off this Sunday so guess what I'll be doing! Haha!

    Andrée xx

  5. konadgirl Says:

    wouch, you have a big collection :O
    i have more less, but im already now lazy to organize them :D

  6. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Andree - hahah thanks! Let me know how ur purge goes :)

    Konadgirl - i know what u mean....i put it off forever too. But it's nice to be organized in the end :)

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