April 19, 2011

Hey beauties! I've been seeing orange lipsticks everywhere lately. And this is loud orange not my beloved corals. I've always been terrified of the colour orange as long as I can remember. If I could be scared of a colour, orange would be it! I don't own a single piece of orange clothing as I never was able to pull it off.

But I decided to conquer my fear and actually buy an orange lipstick. So I used the 15% off Sephora sale and picked up Stila's Long Wear Lipcolor matte in Outrageous. This is a gorgeous orange that has a tiny bit of pink to it so it actually works on ppl with cooler undertones like yours truly. I also adore this formula! This lipstick feels soooo smooth on application and lasted 8+ on my lips without drying them out. I will definitely pick up more of these in the future.

Anyway, here's the look. Hope you guys like it :)

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua - Beige-Tendre (B20)
MUFE Full Cover - #6
Ben Nye powder
Nars Gilda blush
BB Nectar shimmerbrick

Painterly p/p - base
Crest the Wave e/s - inner lid
Rated R e/s - lid
Wedge e/s - crease
Cork e/s - outer v
Vanilla p/m - highlight
BB Ivy Shimmer g/l - to line
Diorshow mascara

Temperature Rising l/l
Stile Outrageous long wearing lipcolor



12 Responses to "Trying Out the Orange Trend"

  1. Unknown Says:

    ahhh i have to get this color, looks great on you :-)

  2. Amina Says:

    beautiful!!! I love the orange lippie on you!!!
    I haven't been commenting lately but I read daily your blog. I love how you often wear dresses. I don't even own one! Would you mind doing one day a post about dresses...how do you choose your dresses? which cut do you like? how do you wear them?

  3. Unknown Says:

    I love the lips! Beautiful!

  4. maya Says:

    I love the orange lip colour as well as your hair-do! Very nice!

    Btw, do you think that the chanel vita lumiere aqua in B20 is similar to Nars Sheer Glow Fiji in undertone and depth?

  5. Arezu Says:

    I've been meaning to try out the whole "orange" trend thing as well. The colour looks beautiful on you, you pull it off nicely :)

  6. Unknown Says:


  7. Unknown Says:

    I love it! I think it works even better because it's matte and toned down.

  8. morelikespace Says:

    I know what you mean about orange being a scary colour to try on the lips, but you carry it off beautifully. There was a Givenchy colour that came out with their Spring collection that's absolutely gorgeous as well- I'm sure it would suit you!

  9. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Ev - thank you so much :)

    Amina - thanks hun. I will try to do a fashion post soon. U're right I wear dresses more than anything else :)

    Yami - thank you :)

    Maya - thanks swwtie :) I think u'll be fine with the B20. The Fiji is about the same shade but bit more yellow than B20 but B20 adopts really well to undertones. Mine are slightely cooler yet it worked for me. I cannot recommend it enough.

    Arezu - thanks love :)

    Sue - <3

    Tina - thanks sweetie :) I'm still not bold enough for a shimmery orange.

    Flora - thanks hun and I shall check out that Givenchy shade. Do you recall what it's called?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I love your orange lipstick. Do you think it will still look the same without the mouth off lip liner? Thanks.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I'm sorry what i meant temprature rising lip liner. thanks.

  12. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Anon - it still looks quite orange without the liner. I just like to use liners with bold lips to hold the colour in place, more habit than anything else. With this product though, coz it's pencil shaped, u could get away w/o a liner

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