July 11, 2011

Hello beauties and happy Monday. I had an amazing weekend so I'm in a great mood this first day of the week. I present you the second product in my series of Summer Faves: MAC Face & Body Foundation:


Note - before reading this review, note that I have combination skin and neutral to cool undertones. My skin burns quickly when directly in sunlight.

Formula and Application - MAC F&B is a light water based foundation that is perfect for use in hot and humid months. Since the bottle comes with a nozzle shape applicator, I just squeeze a bit out and spread using my fingers (sometimes I use MAC 187). F&B dries with a slight sheen so I usually set it with a bit of translucent powder. I love how natural it looks though, my scars get covered but you can see my skin. I find F&B to be sweat and water proof and usually don't need to touch up during a hot and humid summer day.

Packaging and Price - F&B comes in a squeezable plastic bottle with a nozzle applicator. You get quite a bit for your buck too as you pay $39CAD for 4oz of products. This to me is one of the best deals you can get for a foundation that performs as great as F&B.


Colour Match - F&B is categorized into N(Cool) and C(Warm) shades starting from C/N1 to C/N9. Since this is a light textured foundation, you will definitely find a shade that matches you. I used to wear shade N2 but as I'm quite bit tanner this summer I've moved up to shade N3 which is a great match for NW25/30.

Hope this review was helpful to you guys. What is your favourite summer time foundation?

4 Responses to "Summer Faves - MAC Face & Body Foundation"

  1. Wifezilla Hekela Says:

    Ive been diein to try this. How do you like the coverage?? and what would u rate that on? Is it heavy?

  2. benish Says:

    great...sounds like exactly the type of foundation that i want!!

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Wifezilla - the coverage is light, I would say a step up from tinted moisturizer. But it's very buildable. I have some acne scars and it covers them all. And it's far from being heavy :)

    benish - def give it a shout!

  4. Pandora`s Box Says:

    This has been on my wish list. Will definitely try this. Thanks for the review.

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