September 12, 2012

Hello beauties! I'm typing this post with one hand and reassuring my almost 3 week old baby with the other. She seems to be cranky always just when I want to do something fun, lol!

I don't know about where you live, but here in Ottawa fall is at full swing. I'm in a great mood despite my sleep deprivation, just not needing the AC every night and feeling a cool breeze on my skin calls for celebration in my book. It's that special time of the year for glamourous and vampy lips. I have selected my favourite dark lipsticks to show you on this occasion (pictures of me wearing the lipstick is included in each case).

Dark lipsticks are not for everyone, yours truly has been wearing them since she was 15 though so this is familiar territory for me. I believe that all the selected shades can be worn by anyone. Just use a good lip liner and a killer attitude: Chanel La Sensuelle Rouge Allure Velvet, MAC Red Pepper (Pro), MAC Rebel, Make Up Forever Rouge Intense Artist #48, Chanel Rouge Noir Rouge Coco and Nars Train Bleu Matte Velvet Pencil.

MAC Rebel - is one of MAC's best selling dark lipsticks and I can see why. Rebel is a darkened magenta with super creamy texture and looks good on just about anyone!

me wearing MAC Rebel (fall 2011)

Chanel La Sensuelle - is a very sophisticated matte dark blue red. Like all mattes you need to moisturize your lips well before applying. The formula feels slightly satiny and lasts on my lips 6-7 hours.

me wearing Chanel La Senseulle (Fall 2011)

MAC Red Pepper - is another matte texture lipstick but this one is a slightly browned red. This lipstick is fairly unique from what I've seen and definitely one that gets looked over. The matte texture is smooth and none drying.

me wearing MAC Red Pepper (fall 2011)

MUFE #48 - is the most beautiful burgundy red in my possession. I love the texture of the MUFE rouge intense lipstick line, they pull on the lips slightly but are creamy on and last as long as 8 hours for me.

me wearing MUFE #48 (fall 2012)

Chanel Rouge Noir - this is a classic Chanel, a dark plum with strong brown/red undertone. This one is definitely not for the faint of heart but is one of my favourite Chanel lipsticks of all time!

me wearing Chanel Rouge Noir (Fall 2010)

Nars Train Bleu - the darkest shade of this series, Train Bleu is a dark smokey purple. The red undertones make it wearable though (at least for me). I've said it before and will say it again, Nars matte velvet pencil is my favourite lipstick formula in the market.

me wearing Nars Train Bleu (Fall 2011)

All my lovelies:


Some swatches:

Left to right - Chanel La Sensuelle Rouge Allure Velvet, MAC Red Pepper (Pro)

Left to right - Make Up Forever Rouge Intense Artist #48, Chanel Rouge Noir Rouge Coco and Nars Train Bleu Matte Velvet Pencil

Do you own any of the listed products? Do you wear dark lips? And what are some of your favourite vampy lipsticks?

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  1. Sue Says:

    I need Rebel in my life!

  2. Jennifer Says:


  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Sue - yes u do!!

    Jennifer - thank you

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