September 5, 2012

Hi guys! I'm back with a quick baby update. I'm still too tired from constant night feedings to do a full beauty post but a baby one is fine :D


Sofia is now 12 days old. She breastfeeds very well and is thriving and growing up so fast already. Right now she needs to feed every 2 hours or so and sleep has become a thing of past for me. But I'm a used to it and couldn't be happier in my little nest with my brand new baby and my beloved husband.


Here's what I've learned so far from life with a newborn:

1. Accept help when offered - My mom was here pretty much everyday since Sofia was born. She brought food, helped clean up and didn't let me get up for 3 days.

2. Limit the number of visitors in early days - Only Sofia's grandparents, aunts and aunt in laws were allowed to visit her last week. This week we had some close friends come by too and only next week I'm letting others know to drop by. Don't want her to be overwhelmed.

3. Take turn with sleeping - This is how it's working for me and the hubby during the night right now until Sofia's older. Hubby has her from 9 pm to midnight, I have her from midnight to 6:30 am and she's back to daddy from 7:00 am to 9:00 am. She still won't sleep in her bassinet though, only next to me :( any tips on how to transition her to the bassinet?

4. Smell and kiss them as much as you can, seriously she's already growing up!


5. Swaddling at night time is your best friend. Sofia loves her Woombie!

I'm doing great physically and it looks already that my stomach is back to pre-pregnancy size, though it requires toning to look like the original thing. I'm fitting in 90% of my normal clothes again. Here's a picture from yesterday (wearing an Espirit dress):


I've started to do things around the house again so my husband can focus on his new business (he now works from home). I even started wearing some makeup again. Did this simple look earlier on when my best friend came to visit. It's just some pink blush a la MAC Florida and bright lips featuring Chanel l'Exuberant l/s:


Emotionally, I'm going through a bit of baby blues but I hear that's normal? Have any of you ladies experienced it? Pretty much at random times I start crying because I'm scared...scared that I won't be a good mother and things like that. Usually it doesn't last long though, comes in the evening and I'm back to normal in the morning. I think it's part hormones part exhaustion.

So this was it for this week. Hoping to be back with more beauty posts soon. I have so many ideas lined up just need the energy for it. Hope you all understand.

Have a great Hump Day!

3 Responses to "First 2 Weeks with my Baby"

  1. Cali Gal Lola Says:

    Oh my goodness Sofia is adorable!! You look great too! Baby blues yes the crying thinking am I a good Mom or the poor baby has me for a Mom. Don't worry it should pass soon. Try putting Sofia in her bassinet for naps in the day time so she can get used it to so at night it won't be so foreign to her. Best of luck. Look forward to your baby blog posts. This is truly an amazing time in a new Moms life. Cherish every moment it passes way to fast ;(

  2. 1xellus1 Says:

    Excellent post! Thanks so much for sharing. You all look so beautiful! Great advice for new moms too!
    We have a house full of teenagers. :O)
    As far as transitioning to bassinet, the only thing that worked for me was taking a tshirt that I'd worn just the day b4. & putting that in the bassinet. It had my scent on it & that seemed ok for the babies. Experts caution against co-sleeping. We did it w/ all three of ours b/c I was nursing exclusively.
    As for baby blues, I did have a bout of it in the hospital w/ one of my daughters. I didn't have it w/ my son (1st born). I cried alot! The baby needed an ekg. I'd just nursed her. She came here ravenous. Anyway, I noticed her lips were chapped. (something I'd only ever seen on bottle fed babies). The nurse told me that she'd given my dd formula & I burst into tears. LOL It was a soy formula & she told me the baby wouldnt sit still for the procedure so they gave her a bottle. I was very upset about it. To this day my daughter has a soy sensitivity. She's 15. She will break out in an itchy rash if she has too much soy. Also, I had csect, & the nurses were sooo busy that they didn't answer my pages rt away. I was in a great deal of pain. I was crying when they finally came w/ my meds. LOL & the nurse laughed at me & called me, "Ms. Pain". I laughed too. Only then did I realize that it was the baby blues...Hormones & stress. This too will pass. Babies grow up so quickly. :O)

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Cali Gal Lola - thank you for your advice. She's napping now so i shall move her to the bassinet and see :)

    1xellus1 - aww thank you :) I'd heard of the t-shirt thing so that's on the list of strategies to try as well. Cosleeping isn't working for me coz I don't feel there's enough room for me, hubby and baby...and so my hubby's sleeping in the guest room :( and I need my hubby back in out bed. The baby blues are terrible, but I will take a page outta ur book, this too shall pass :)

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