September 21, 2012

Hi guys! I was going through my makeup stash yesterday during one of Sofia's naps when I realized I have some vintage MAC items still hanging in there from 5 years back. I regularly purge my stash and get rid of things I don't use (either donate or pass down to my sisters/friends) but some of these items I seem to still love or have some kind of attachments to.

I would say doing this exercise has made me realize how much products I have and confirm my decision on staying on a no-buy. I mean look some of these LE items are over 6 years old!!!

MAC Delphic Fluidline - Lure Collection (2006)


Delphic presently the oldest LE item I own (I had some more that I since parted with). It's a beautiful shimmering aqua liner and despite being a bit dried out it is still more or less useable. I store my fluidlines upside down and have been able to preserve this baby. I use it mostly as lower lash liner or as a base for aqua coloured lids

MAC Other Worldly Blush - Moonbathe Collection (2007)


Oh my Lord! I have had this blush for now over 5 years and it still doesn't seem to have a dent in it! Other Worldly is a beautiful rosy gold and just has that amazing glow you need to warm up your cheeks. I find it makes me look a bit orange in fall/winter though I use it in the summer when I'm tanned.

MAC Mothbrown Eyeshadow and Pearl Blossom Beauty Powder - Barbie Collection (2007)


OMG do you guys remember Barbie collection? That was the first MAC collection that caused a frenzy, quite uncommon for the time. It's not like now when every collection seem to make people go crazy. I use both of these items too much to part with them. Pearl Blossom is my go-to highlighter when I wear a pink blush and Mothbrown is a beautiful cool toned charcoal shade. I love wearing Mothbrown with other gray/taupe/silver shades and it makes a beautiful smokey eyes.

MAC Strange Hybrid Lipstick - Strange Hybrid Collection (2007)


This is a light pink shade with silverized pigments and has a frost finish. I don't use for Strange Hybrid often now amongst the sea of my lipsticks. But I did use to wear it a lot when it first came out. I just don't fancy frosted lips these days and am more into sophisticated mattes or luscious creamy lips.

What are some of the oldest LE items kicking around in your stash? What was your favourite MAC collection of all time?

2 Responses to "Show me Your Vintage MAC Items!"

  1. Beauty Thesis Says:

    Goodness, I'll have to have a look through.. I've got Otherworldy as well (one in palette & one backup LOL).

    I think I've got some older pencils, and definitely pigments.. hmm, will come back with an update or do my own version of this. Great idea! :]

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    I had some old ass eyeshadows that I sold recently! I think from 2000 or so. Looking forward to reading your post :)

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