September 13, 2012

Hi guys! I was told once I have a baby, I would have no time for my nails. As a nailpolish addict who changes her nail polish every single day, I find this statement to be partially untrue. I still change my nail polish, but now it's more like every 3 days. I definitely am not the time to totally forget my beauty routines, even with a 3-week old at home :)

OPI Jade is the New Black was released a couple of years ago and I believe it's part of OPI's permanent collection now. Let's just say that I've had this nail polish that long and this is only the second time I wear it :/ This is why I'm on no-buy and using what I have. Just like my makeup drawers, my nail polish boxes are overflowing!!


Jade is the New Black is a gorgeous forest green with creamy finish. I'm actually not a fan of green anything but this is dark enough to read more sophisticated and I'm cool with that. Application is a breeze and as always I love OPI's wide brush for my long nails. You can pretty much get away with one coat but I did two out of habit:


What are you wearing on your nails today?

4 Responses to "Nails - OPI Jade is the New Black"

  1. Jennifer Says:


  2. Maryam Maquillage Says:

    stunning color!!

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Thanks ladies <3

  4. mobb Says:

    i need to buy this color!

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