January 8, 2012

Hi guys! I have another baby update for you. Once again time seems to be flying by quicker than I'd like it too. Some days I really want her to grow up so I can sleep other days I just want her to stay exactly this age and cuddle her forever :)


1. Baby stats: Sofia is 4 months and 2 weeks old. She weighs 16.5 lbs as of yesterday. She's still in the 75-90% percentile.


2. Eat: my munchkin is still fully breastfed. I pump once a day or so and hubby gives her a bottle at night. She's gaining weight great and I'm not in a hurry to start solids.


3. Health: Sofia caught another cold during the holidays but luckily got over faster this time. She's also teething badly but I can't see a tooth yet. Doesn't help when she won't let me look in there.


4. Sleep: aaaah man! Sleep is all over the place. For one we's still wearing the Woombie at night. Some nights she sleeps 8 hours or so before waking up and some nights she's up every 3 hours! Like there's no pattern whatsoever. Bed time is at 7 am and she's typically up for the day at 9 am. She can sel sooth fine and doesn't need a pacifier or rocking to sleep. Anyone got any sleep tips for us?


5. Milestones: 
- We now have her giggling all the time. Especially when I kiss her belly.
- We can now sit for a few seconds unassisted
- We now nap in the crib. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon. No need for pacifier or anything
- We are much more interactive with toys, love the Baby Einstein jumparoo!
- We are close to rolling from back to belly. We get to the side and then stop, hahaha! We have been rolling from belly to back since week 5.

6. How I'm doing: 
- Sleep is better despite Sofia's inconsistency. I take Melatonin and hubby helps out a lot.
- I'm back to regular workout. On top of my weekly bootcamp, I'm redoing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred and do Step and Zumba classes at my gym.
- We are also much more social now. Sofia loves the mall, hanging out with mommy's friends and the gym :)

Hope you enjoyed this update...will do another one in a month

5 Responses to "Baby Sofia 4-months Update"

  1. Tina Says:

    OOOiiiiii! She's so cute I wanna eat her up! And so attentive for only 4 months. Glad to hear your growing family is doing well. Kisses!

  2. Michelle (LipstickRules) Says:

    She's so adorable! Glad to hear things are going well for you. xo

  3. Shayla Says:

    That little girl is such a cutie :) I'm not usually a fan of kids, but she seems like she'd be fun!

  4. LauraSummer Says:

    Aw she is too cute! I love her furry outfit too, adorable! x

  5. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Tina - awww thanks girl :) Hope married life is treating you well <3

    Michelle - thanks lady! She's growing up a bit too fast.

    Shayla - hahah i know what you mean. I'm not a fan of kids but i like my own.

    Laura - awww thank you so much :)

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